Acend goes 13-0, Chiefs and Knights win final Open Series before $50k Regional Super tournaments

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Credit: Jake Fabricius


1. Chiefs – Barcode, Madsy, Slayz, Pipz

2. Divine Mind – Rated, iShootMyTeam, Beastn, BZIIRK

3. Team Exile5 – Bald, Shrekmin, Deano, Zerkil

4. BBR – Benjy, Ninjestics, Bradlllzzz, Adz

5/6. Immunity – Junior, Voltage, Dante, Heff

5/6. Demons – Swayz, Square, Plasma, Lolley

7/8. Next – Luncy, Bandit, JellyBean, Lith

7/8. Dethrupter Fans – Ryuu, Sleeping, Wryce, Aqollo

Who would've guessed it? The Chiefs win another open series in relatively dominant fashion. The only blemish on their record this way comes in the way of a 47-50 loss to the 1620 Kings in Winners Bracket Round 2, besides that they won every map they played, going 12-1 this week. This is Barcode's and Madsy's 14th straight ANZ tournament win and they'll hope to make it 15 straight at the $50,000 ANZ super tournament in two weeks.

Inmaniac spectated the Grand Finals and you can watch it here


1. Acend – Lqgend, Snipedrone, Sica, Shaady

2. NaVi – Kimbo, Tuf0xy, Respectful, Jimbo

3. Flying Dutchman – Mose, Snakey, Clonely, Shadow

4. Team Twisted - Disarray, Mysta, DETALN, Nolson

5/6. BLVCKHVND – Phlux, Ramirez, Riotz, Lunny

5/6. Quadrant – Nurix, Fragxr, SLG, TchiK

7/8. The Lads – Robs1n, Morguh, Qristola, Quadios

7/8. Mock-it Esports – Batchford, Squashy, Looney, WarLord

Acend went a perfect 13-0 on Sunday, and they also went 5-0 versus the second-place finishers NaVi. Europe doesn't have an Open Series next weekend and perhaps it would be wise for some teams to start thinking about roster changes if they truly hope to challenge Acend in the region. Europe's number one team has a 72-6 map count record since they competed on LAN at Raleigh and there's a $100,000 online regional super tournament roughly a month away, unless something changes it looks like everyone else is playing for second place.


1. Knights – Atzo, Drift, Gambino, Tapping Buttons

2. Timbers Esports – Noble, Magico, Pelu, Bullet

3. Rebel – Laaylox, Rorzch, Strikeyy, Leuor

4. Cruelty – DanyKnight, Rinnegan, Reaper, Deco

5/6. Altar Esports – Grimsty, Ateniuz, Zauron, Parvdize

5/6. Team SMOG – TuTelevision, BadKarma, ImpactedAsp, Hadez

7/8. IGNIS Esports – Selioh, Dynax, Kroonoe, Cooler

7/8. Enchiladas 2 – Venao, Dolan, Sobrio, Zeus

What more can be said about the Pittsburgh Knights? They've gone 67-3 in their last six HCS appearances, only losing the occasional map to Timbers Esports, and they just have to take care of business one more time in order to secure a $20,000 payday. I think the real question for this team is how they will stack up against the American teams on LAN in Kansas City.

The Australian and European regional super tournaments both take place on February 19th and February 20th be sure to check ForerunnerGG for the latest stats, news, and updates.