Acend, Chiefs, and Knights all win Open Series and remain undefeated in International play

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Credit: Jake Fabricius


1. Chiefs – Barcode, Madsy, Slayz, Pipz

2. BBR – Benjy, Ninjestics, Bradlllzzz, Adz

3. Immunity – Junior, Voltage, Dante, Heff

4. Demons – Swayz, Square, Plasma, Lolley

5/6. Dethrupter Fans – Ryuu, Sleeping, Wryce, Aqollo

5/6. 1620 Kings – Canonized, Samuel, Takorai, Tuff

7/8. Next – Luncy, Bandit, JellyBean, Lith

7/8. Divine Mind – Rated, iShootMyTeam, Beastn, BZIIRK

Barcode and the Chiefs remain the team to beat down under. They cruised to another online HCS tournament win, racking up 13 map wins and only dropping a single game to BBR in the Grand Finals. The core of Barcode and Madsy have won every online ANZ tournament since October 2020, 13th straight in total, and with the way things have gone so far, it’s possible that streak doesn’t end for a long time.

You can watch the Grand Finals from Barcodes POV here


1. Acend – Lqgend, Snipedrone, Sica, Shaady

2. Quadrant – Nurix, Fragxr, SLG, TchiK

3. Flying Dutchman – Mose, Snakey, Clonely, Shadow

4. NaVi – Kimbo, Tuf0xy, Respectful, Jimbo

5/6. BLVCKHVND – Phlux, Ramirez, Riotz, Lunny

5/6. The Lads – Robs1n, Morguh, Qristola, Quadios

7/8. Team Timmy – Hollers, Cami, Lumizur, Stickahh

7/8. Mock-it Esports – Batchford, Squashy, Looney, WarLord

Another week, another win for Acend club. They secured this weeks victory by defeating Qudrant 2-0 in the Winners Finals and then again 3-1 in the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals weren’t streamed at the players request because the tournament ran long and the it was past midnight when they finally took place. The last time Acend lost a series in online EU competition was October 2020 and that streak has never even been in danger, their 59-6 map count record since Raleigh proves they are still miles ahead of the competition.


1. Knights – Atzo, Drift, Gambino, Tapping Buttons

2. Cruelty – DanyKnight, Rinnegan, Reaper, Decocaine

3. Dream Conspiracy – Dolan, Vorezy, Sazrck, Sepstars

4. IGNIS Esports – Selioh, Dynax, Kroonoe, iCooooler

5/6. Altar Esports – Grimsty, Ateniuz, ZauronOne, Parvdize

5/6. Improvised – Zeuz, Rotten, MrMalt101, Descxnding

7/8. Cinta Negra X – Ellalie, Ricking, WhozRichZ, iBlue Snip3z

7/8. Team SMOG – TuTelevision, BadKarma, ImpactedAsp, Toxxyr

The Pittsburgh Knights won their 8th straight HCS tournament and this time without dropping a game, sweeping Cruelty 3-0 in the finals. This team can’t be stopped and the evidence is their ridiculous 53-3 map count record in their past five HCS tournament appearances.

Unfortunately, the Grand Finals weren’t streamed for this region as well.

The next open series for the international regions takes place Sunday, February 6th, be sure to check ForerunnerGG for the latest news and updates.