Acend extends their Halo Infinite winning streak to 11, defeats Quadrant 3-1 in the EU Open Series Grand Finals

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Acend 3-1 Quadrant

Game 1: Quadrant 92-67 Acend | Acend 100-59 Quad | Acend 100-13 Quad (Live Fire Oddball)

Game 2: Quadrant 50-47 Acend (Recharge Slayer)

Game 3: Acend 250-120 Quadrant (Streets SH)

Game 4: Acend 2-0 Quadrant (Aquarius CTF)

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Streams: Europa Halo


1. Acend - Lqgend, Sica, Shaady, Snipedrone

2. Quadrant - Tchik, Fragxr, Shad, SLG

3. Team Twisted - Nolson, Detain, ShabbylDagger, Disarry

4. Natus Vincere - Jimbo, Kimbo, Respectful, Wonderboy

5/6. The Lads - Robs1n, Quadios, Morguhh, Qristola

5/6. Flying Dutchman - Clonely, Mysta, Mose, Snakey

7/8. Mock-it Esports - Squashy, Looney, Warlord, Batchford

7/8. Method2Madness - Blizz, Speed, Ebby, Mentlan

9/12. BLVKHVND EU - Phlux, Riotz, Ramirez, Lunny

9/12. Peppercorns - Zhuh, Dqvee, Defrag, Millsy

9/12. Swedish Vikings - Beetly, Herculis, Qatchy, LeftEye

9/12. walshyNfriendZ - HHze, Rgardz, Jiren, W3LSHMANIA

13/16. Funday League - Sandell, Oney, MCV5ARBITER, Kronos

13/16. Your Org Here - Valkyrie, Nemains, zMightys, Fruqal

13/16. Baguette Spree - Sunriiz, Talic, zSeiFeR, OGSindeR

13/16. Flamboyant - Sqnro, Unqize, UmanH, Knuqkles


A depleted NaVi roster would have to forfeit their Loser's Bracket Semifinal match versus Team Twisted because Respectful was ill. HCS commentator Wonderboy also subbed in for TuFoxy who was unavailable today and given the circumstances a Top 4 finish for NaVi is respectable. Quadrant would go on to 3-0 Team Twisted in the following round, the Loser’s Bracket Finals, setting up a series against Acend who haven’t lost an EU tournament since October of 2020.

After a slow start in Game 1 and narrowly losing Game 2 by three kills, Acend would assert their dominance in a completely one-sided Streets Strongholds game that was way more lopsided than the 250-120 scoreline suggests. Game 4 was also a relatively lopsided affair, Quadrant was able to get multiple flag pulls but they struggled to advance it past the middle of the map. Acend would win the game 2-0 and the series, 3-1, extending their 16 month-long winning streak. With this being the final Open Series tournament before Europes Super that takes place on March 25th-27th we won't see Acend in action for quite a while.

EU Halo has the next weekend off and then the EU Super Qualifier takes place for teams that haven't already qualified for pool play.

Teams already qualified for the EU Super

Acend - Lqgend, Sica, Shaady, Snipedrone (Raleigh)

Quadrant - Tchik, Fragxr, Shad, SLG (Raleigh)

NaVi - Kimbo, Jimbo, TuFoxy, Respectful (Raleigh)

Mock-it - Batchford, Looney, WarLord, Squashy (Raleigh)

BLVKHVND - Phlux, Lunny, Ramirez, Riotz (HCS Points)

The Lads - Robs1n, Morguhh, Qristola, Quadios (HCS Points)

TBD - (HCS Points)

TBD - (HCS Points)

TBD - (Super Qualifier)

TBD - (Super Qualifier)

TBD - (Super Qualifier)

TBD - (Super Qualifier)

TBD - (Super Open)

TBD - (Super Open)

TBD - (Super Open)

TBD - (Super Open)