Acend wins another EU Open Series, eight NA teams advance to Thursday's finals, and four more International teams qualify for regional Super Tournaments

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NA Open Series 2/20

(W) Gamers First - Squallaye. Tonisun, PreDevoNatoR, Marbs

(W) Fnatic - SuperCC, Juziro, Sceptify, Envore

(W) XSET - Cratos, Svspector, Suppressed, Artic

(W) Complexity - Trion, Karmea, Hysteria, Vetra

(L) SnakedandHeated - Posey, emteekay, Rated, Mortally

(L) Torrent - Abature, FilthyG, Huss, HotShotGhost

(L) ESA Red - Rammy, Boamx, Neuronical, Kuhlect

(L) Unsigned Talent - Sorrel, Cherished, Diagram, Avenue


Originally scheduled for back-to-back days, the eight teams above are moving onto the Open Series finals on Thursday at 3pm EST where the remainder of the bracket will be played out, and every match will be a best of five going forward. Almost every Top 8 team from Anaheim except for FaZe and XSET elected not to participate in this week’s HCS Open Series due to their HCS points total lead. FaZe won the only series they played 2-0, before forfeiting the next two series and dropping out of the tournament. Oxygen Esports despite placing Top 12 at Anaheim would fail to make Thursday, losing to Esports Arena Red 2-1 and falling just one round short of qualifying. It’s also worth noting that former Call of Duty professional and current 100 Thieves content creator Rated is guaranteed at least a Top 8 finish, which would be the best placing of his young Halo esports career. His SnakedandHeated team as well as a new Unsigned Talent team are the only two teams moving onto Thursday who didn’t compete at Anaheim, it will be interesting to see if they’re ready to challenge some of the already established Top 16 teams.

EU Open Series 2/20

1. Acend - Lqgend, Snipedrone, Sica, Shaady

2. NaVi - Kimbo, Tuf0xy, Respectful, Jimbo

3. Quadrant - Nurix, Fragxr, SLG, TchiK

4. Flying Dutchman – Mose, Snakey, Clonely, Shadow

5/6. BLVKHVND - Phlux, Ramirez, Riotz, Lunny

5/6. Team Twisted - Disarray, Mysta, DETALN, Nolson

7/8. Peppercorns - Zhuh, Dqvee, Peatie, Defrag

7/8. The Lads - Robs1n, Morguh, Qristola, Quad


Acend won this week but they lost more games in this tourney than the past 4 combined, having to win three consecutive Game 3’s in a row in the Winner's Quarters, Semis, and Finals versus Team Twisted, BLVKHVND, and Quadrant respectively. In this writer's opinion, there’s no real reason to be alarmed if you’re an Acend fan, it’s more than likely they were just rusty coming off a two-week HCS break. Acend would go on to beat Navi 3-1 in the Grand Finals and add another tournament to their winning streak which began on October 2020. If you're wondering where Mockit Esports is, they lost to Peppercorns in Winners Round 4, and then lost again to Spotify 2-1 in Loser's Round 4 against past EU FFA Series winner Tbaanged. Europe has one more Open Series remaining to earn points before the qualification process begins for their region's $135,000 Super tournament that takes place on March 25-27th.

ANZ Super Qualifier

Qualified Teams

Chiefs Esports Club - Barcode, Pipz, Madsy, SlayZ (Points)

Divine Mind - BZIIRK, Rated, FlexRainZ, Beast (Points)

BBR - ADZ, Ninjestics, Shrekmin, Benjy (Points)

reUnited - Square, Wrath, AL3JO, Lunchy (Points)

Dire Wolves - Bald, Deano, Vampt, Zerkil (Qualifier)

Team Immunity - Benno, Dante, Voltage, Heff (Qualifier)

So far six out of a possible eight teams have qualified for the $50k Australia - New Zealand Super tournament that takes place on March 4th-6th. The Chiefs Esports Club, Divine Mind, BBR, and reUnited already claimed their spots in the tournament by being the Top 4 teams in the region based on HCS points. The ANZ qualifier that took place yesterday gave teams a chance to earn a direct trip to group play and the luxury of avoiding the open bracket portion of the online event. Dire Wolves and Team Immunity would both go on to qualify but not before facing each other in the Winner's Bracket Semifinals, with Dire Wolves coming out on top in five games, you can watch that series from Deano’s POV here. Both Dire Wolves and Team Immunity would defeat “Demons” in their qualification matches, winning their series 3-1 and 3-0 respectively. The $50k ANZ Super Open Bracket takes place next weekend, February 26th-27th, and will decide the final two ANZ group play teams, as well as two additional teams who will be placed in the ANZ Loser's Bracket to start the tournament.

Mexico Super Qualifier

Qualified Teams

Pittsburgh Knights - Drift, Tapping Buttons, Atzo, Gambino (Points)

Timbers Esports - Magico, Pelu, Ram, Noblc (Points)

Team Cruelty - Rinnegan, Reaper, DanyKnight, Deco (Points)

Rebel Esports - Laaylox, Leuor, Strikey, Rorzch (Points)

Altar Esports - Zauron, Parvdize, Ateniuz, Grimsty (Qualifier)

LLLM - Nugget, Sepstars, Bluexide, Luderk (Qualifier)

Our friends in the Mexico region of HCS also have a super tournament coming up March 4th-6th, but they will be competing for $75,000 instead. Their tournament works the same as the ANZ’s region, the Pittsburgh Knights, Timbers Esports, Team Cruelty, and Rebel Esports will start their journeys in the tournament's pool play stage based on their HCS point total. Altar Esports and LLLM also earned pool play spots by qualifying via this past weekend's online tournament. LLLM would win their qualification match versus Altar Esports in five games, knocking Altar Esports down to the Loser's Bracket where they would go on to qualify by defeating CintaNegra Esports 3-1. The $75k's Open Bracket also takes place next weekend, February 26th-27th, and just like the ANZ region, will give four teams a chance to compete for a huge cash prize, whether through Pool Play or being placed directly into the tournament’s Loser's Bracket.