aPG: "composure and hard work" keep OpTic near perfect through Saturday

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RALEIGH - Right now, OpTic Gaming seems like the best Halo team on the planet.

They’re devastatingly coordinated, and utilize all parts of the sandbox to maximize their efficiency. The key to their success, however, lies with composure, according to Bradley "aPG" Laws.

“Like a lot of things can happen at a tournament, like lag outs, or disconnects, or whatnot,” said aPG. “It's all about keeping composure and not getting frustrated, taking it one game at a time, and we've been working very hard. So, I think that's where our consistency comes from.”

And oh, has OpTic been consistent … consistently perfect, or close to it. They were a perfect 9-0 during Pool Play. In the Championship bracket, they rinsed the two-time World Champion Sentinels roster 3-0, and put down FaZe Clan 3-1 as well. No matter what way you slice it, 15-1 in maps is preposterously good. To make it a truly great performance, they’ll need to take home wins on Championship Sunday.

This performance isn’t coming out of the blue, either. OpTic has won everything there is to win in Infinite so far except the direct qualifier, which they lost to Sentinels. That slate was effectively wiped clean after Mathew "Royal2" Fiorante was suspended, however.

There are multiple generations of Halo at play here. aPG is a part of the old guard of Halo players, alongside Justin “iGotUrPistola” Deese. Tommy “Lucid” Wilson and Joey “Trippy” Taylor are the relatively fresh faces on the block. However, aPG doesn’t feel like the veteran experience has much to do with their success. “People bring up veteran experience as if it's like this huge thing, but it's just all about who wants it more,” he said.

If “wanting it more” can be quantified, OpTic’s “wanting it more” meter is seemingly at the top of every single Halo squad in Raleigh. It’s an old sports adage, useful for psychological reasons, but fundamentally unmeasurable – there’s no real way to determine this metric beyond all shadow of a doubt. The measurables are extremely in OpTic’s favor, though – Lucid is one of the top-rated players at this event, Pistola has been clutch as well. APG also brings up a tangible to mesh with the intangible: “It's all about making less mistakes than the other team.”

It’s been a while since an OpTic team has been at the top in Halo – the days when the current Sentinels roster was playing for the organization were the last time OpTic sniffed a Championship Sunday in Halo; Mostly because there was no OpTic team to speak of in Halo. So, what’s it going to take for OpTic to net another title for their passionate, borderline rabid fanbase? More of the same, says aPG.

“Making less mistakes,” said aPG when asked what it’s going to take to bring home the trophy. “[taking things] One game at a time, playing our game as opposed to trying to counter other teams that have a plan, displaying how we know, and playing our playstyle.”

OpTic will don the Championship Sunday whites once again, and will open the day against Cloud9 as their campaign for the Kickoff Raleigh Major title continues.