Walshy vs Goldenboy #2: 2019’s Big Team Battle Bonanza recapped before Raleigh’s rematch!

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On Saturday, from 8:30 to 9:45 PM EST, we will see the Big Team Battle Bonanza showmatch between Team Walshy and Team Goldenboy.

While Dave "Walshy" Walsh and Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez are two of the biggest names in Halo right now, this also is a rematch from their first BTB Bonanza, which took place two years ago at the 2019 Halo Invitational.

Here pros, streamers, amateur players, and fans were matched in two teams of eights to play various Capture the Flag games on the Big Team Battle gamemode in Halo 3:

  • Team Walshy -- Snip3down, MISSY, DeRsKeezY, Unyshek, UberNick, Shyway, and Ac7iOn
  • Team Goldenboy -- Lunchbox, Roy, SnakeBite, WorldFamous, Proximity, CLvCH, and Stress

While the lineups were arguably tilted in Goldenboy’s favour, game one was Walshy’s domain. Right at the beginning, Walshy rushed to pick up the flag and ran it back while supported by MISSY in a Banshee and Snip3down with a sniper.

The second the flag was scored, Unyshek picked it up again from Goldenboy’s base. Though he was halted midway through, Walshy managed to distract Goldenboy’s roster long enough for Snip3down to get the capture.

Proximity’s sniper play was the factor needed from Team Goldenboy’s attempts, as he got multiple kills on the blue team’s spawn to slow them down and allow Clutch to run the flag down the left lane to score. Adding to this were the brothers of Lunchbox and Roy running their second flag through with a Mongoose.

Finally, Walshy took a page out of Lunchbox’s book and attempted a much cleaner vehicle run to end the comeback and secure map one.

The next game was less hectic, with it ending in a simple 1-0 on the Neural Assault game mode. Here, both teams struggled to arm the bomb, but a last-ditch attempt from Team Goldenboy saw Lunchbox secure a map winning triple kill. Just seven seconds had been remaining, but Lunchbox came through using two rockets, a sticky grenade, and Goldenboy as bait.

Map three was another Capture the Flag game. After the first map, everyone knew what to do, with Snip3down running the flag in using a Warthog before Clutch did the same one minute later. Stress did it yet again two minutes later before Clutch rode in the passenger seat as Lunchbox drove the third and final flag to the home base.

Finally, a one-flag CTF ended the series, as the gamemode led to another early stalemate as we saw on Assault. Eventually, Lunchbox was once again the decider, as he got a double kill and ran the flag across within the final 30 seconds of the round. While he died a handful of steps before the end, Snip3down was there to claim the score.

Now, these two will meet once again in a rematch, where Walshy will be eager to get his revenge on Team GB.

This weekend’s match will upgrade to be a 12v12 game instead of 8v8, and will presumably take place on Halo Infinite rather than Halo 3. While none of the two captain’s teammates has been confirmed as of yet, one player per team will be picked at random from VIP ticket holders at the event.

With “special guests” teased to be taking part, we’ll likely see some big returning Halo names take part in this fun showmatch as Raleigh is set to be one of the biggest meetings of greats in the Halo esports world to date.

For a rundown on the action and the upcoming team announcements, stay tuned here at ForerunnerGG.