Cartel, Europe’s top team, signed by Acend

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After winning both Open Cups and the European Raleigh Qualifier, the French-majority Cartel lineup has been picked up by the organization known as Acend ahead of this coming weekend’s Raleigh Kick-Off Major.

Much of the Cartel lineup is relatively new to the Halo esports world, having competed in just lower-level European tournaments in Halo 5. However, the team’s lone British player, Michael "Snipedrone" Juchau, previously attended the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Halo World Championships. The latter of the three remains of particular note, as it had been alongside two current NAVI players on the famed Str8 Rippin organization.

You can learn more about the roster in our dedicated rundown on the European pool play teams at Raleigh.

The decision to sign with Acend comes after an apparent end to talks with the HCS-partnered organization Fnatic.

While the Acend organization has been involved in a number of games, it is best known for their mixed European VALORANT roster which just last weekend was crowned the game's first World Champions.

Elsewhere, the organization fields a French-majority Rainbow6 lineup and previously held a Russian PUBG roster (now under the NAVI banner) before leaving the esport last June.

Now Acend will be hoping to add to their VCT title with a strong Halo performance with their new roster.

With Acend having not lost a single HCS matchup in Infinite so far with grand-final results of 3-1, 3-0, and 3-1, this is a very hot pickup and a team to watch at the Raleigh Kick-Off Major where they will be competing in the pool play.

Stay tuned here at ForerunnerGG for a rundown on their Major results and any further major pickups as we approach the event.