Chiefs, Knights, Acend conclude international Pro Series with 4th consecutive wins

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Acend Club continues to set the standard for European Halo and it’s unclear if any teams will rise up to challenge them. They wrapped up their respective Pro-Series tournament with a 48-5 map count, winning 90% of the games they’ve participated in. During their run, Acend faced four separate teams in four different Grand Finals, NaVi, The Lads, HMCA, and Quadrant, and they only lost a single game.

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While Acend might have not been the highest placing European team at Raleigh they are clearly the region's best team.


On the other side of the Halo world, the Barcode AK lead Chiefs matched the efforts of their International peers and also won their fourth straight Pro Series.

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The Chiefs have been dominant so far, only dropping one series in Pro Series competition, and that was against the region's clear #2 team Divine Mind in the first Pro Series. Since that point, they’ve put up an impressive 36-3 map count record and beat Divine Mind six separate times.


Maybe it’s because they didn’t play at Raleigh or maybe it’s because their tournaments aren’t broadcast on the Halo Twitch channel, but nobody seems to be talking about the Pittsburgh Knights and how strong they’ve looked so far.

The Knights have an absurd 39-3 Pro Series map count record and have beat their region's only competition, Timbers Esports, eight consecutive times. Put some respect on this team's name and while Kansas City is still three months away, it’s quite possible you’ll be very familiar with the Pittsburgh Knights afterward.