The Chiefs win the ANZ Super and earn $20,000 plus a guaranteed Pool Play spot in Kansas City

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Credit: Jake Fabricius

Unsurprisingly the Chiefs win again, and this time they’re $20,000 richer for their efforts and have a date in Kansas City to test their skills against Halo esports very best. If you’ve been paying any attention to this region this was almost a foregone conclusion. In Chiefs fashion they won every map and Barcode put on a show, dropping 144 kills with only 88 kills in the Winners Finals and the Grand Finals combined, good enough for a 1.63 K/D.

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Grand Finals VOD

To say the Chiefs have been dominant down under is an understatement, so far in 2022 they’ve won 84 out of the 89 maps they’ve played. They’ve won the last 15 consecutive series they’ve played without dropping a game, and the last time they lost a single map was over a month ago.

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The only team in the ANZ region that has been able to even remotely challenge them is Divine Mind, who in January beat the Chiefs in a Winners Bracket Finals before going on to get swept twice in a row in the subsequent Grand Finals.

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There have been talks of a Chiefs Esports NA boot camp in order to prepare them for the Kansas City major, and that might be wise given how far ahead they are of their local competition.

Click here to watch Barcode's winning interview


1. ($20,000) Chiefs Esports Club - Barcode, Pipz, Slayz, Madsy

2. ($11,000) Divine Mind - BZIIRK, Rated, Beastm. FlexRainZ

3. ($6,000) Team Immunity - Heff, Benno, Dante, Voltage

4. ($4,000) Dire Wolves - ZerKil, Bald, Deano, Vampt

5/6. ($2,000) Demons - Swayz, Plasma, Jordon

5/6. ($2,000) BBR - Adz, Benjy, Ninjestics, Jjmbob

7/8. ($1,500) Dethruptor Fans - Junior, Ryu, Apollo, Noobles

7/8. ($1,500) Authority Pink - Blizz, Divinity, Zayv, Jackson

9/10. ($1,000) 1620 Kings - Wryce, Tuff, Samuel, Tendrai

9/10. ($1,000) Reunited - Lunchy, Square, Wrath, AL3JO


Kansas City Pool Play Teams

- Cloud9 (Anaheim)

- OpTic Gaming (Anaheim)

- eUnited (Anaheim)

- Sentinels (Anaheim)

- Pioneers (Anaheim)

- G2 Esports (Anaheim)

- XSET (Anaheim)

- FaZe Clan (Anaheim)

- Chiefs Esports Club (ANZ Super)

- TBD (Mexico Super)

- TBD (Mexico Super)

- TBD (Mexico Super)

- TBD (Europe Super)

- TBD (Europe Super)

- TBD (Europe Super)

- TBD (Europe Super)

Remaining Split 1 ANZ Dates

3/13: ANZ Open Series

3/20: ANZ Open Series

4/1 - 4/3: ANZ Open Championship

4/11: Roster Lock Major Kansas City 2022

4/29 - 5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)