Renegade goes 3-0 in Cloud9 Showmatch on Xbox Channel

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Cloud 9 2v2 Showmatch Results

Renegade and Stellur VS Eco and Penguin

1. Eco and Penguin 25-20 Renegade and Stellur (Live Fire)

2. Renegade and Stellur 25-19 Eco and Penguin (Streets)

3. Renegade and Stellur 25-14 Eco and Penguin (Recharge)

Renegade and Stellur win 2-1 | VOD

Renegade and Eco VS Stellur and Penguin

1. Renegade and Eco 25-17 Stellur and Penguin (Aquarius)

2. Renegade and Eco 25-22 Stellur and Penguin (Recharge)

Renegade and Eco win 2-0 | VOD

Renegade and Penguin VS Stellur and Eco

1. Renegade and Penguin 25-22 Stellur and Eco (Live Fire)

2. Stellur and Eco 25-17 Renegade and Penguin (Aquarius)

3. Stellur and Eco 25-23 Renegade and Penguin (Recharge)

4. Renegade and Penguin 25-22 Stellur and Eco (Streets)

5. Renegade and Penguin 25-21 Stellur and Eco (Bazaar)

Renegade and Penguin win 3-2 | VOD

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The Cloud9 Halo roster also played in a 2v2 show match before the Anaheim pools announcement, the current #1 ranked team split up and played three different series, Cloud9's main slayer and experienced 2's player, Renegade, won every match and carried all three of his teammates to a series win.