Cloud9 takes home NA HCS Pro Series #5

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Cloud9 topped a truncated Pro Series group to take home the first June Pro Series in a dominant fashion. The victory marks the end of the first Pro Series since the Kansas City Major.

Cloud9 was playing with Adam "Bound" Gray for the first time, and pushed all the way to the grand finals of the event with him, and without Jonathan "Renegade" Willette. Multiple reports tied Bound to Cloud9 after Renegade was reported to depart. No reporter confirmed Renegade's landing team -- his destination is still unknown.

Regardless, despite Sentinels' disappearance, Cloud9 dominated the field. Without Sentinels and with a hobbled, Tyler "Spartan" Ganza - less eUnited, OpTic found themselves very quickly in the upper bracket finals, which they lost to Cloud9. OpTic crushed an upstart G2 Esports en route to a bracket reset in the grand finals.

Outside of the two grand finals teams, G1 and Pioneers had a strong tournament. Both teams found themselves deep in the lower bracket, and found themselves going shot-for-shot with OpTic, and each other. Over the past three Halo iterations, one or two teams have been completely and totally dominant -- not so with Infinite. This iteration feels like multiple teams on any given Thursday could take home a Pro Series title. The furthest punching outsider was G2 Esports, who was playing with Abel "Rammyy" Garcia, and who is reported to be targeting Australian superstar Aleks "Barcode" Krsmanovic.

Despite the efforts of the outside teams, a member of Halo royalty still took home the ultimate prize for the week. Cloud9 never dropped out of the upper bracket during their run to the title, beating out Spacestation Gaming, G2 Esports, The Hvnd, and OpTic twice to take home the Pro Series for the day.

Cloud9, and Bound, have won their first Pro Series after the KC Major -- which they lost to Sentinels. Time will tell how well the new roster moves work -- and if they'll even stick -- but many teams are looking to improve at all costs.


1. Cloud9 - Stellur, Eco, Penguin, Bound

2. OpTic Gaming - Lucid, aPG, Trippy, FormaL

3. G2 Esports - Gilk3y, Sabinater, Str8 Sick, Tusk

4. Pioneers - Druk, SoulSnipe, Taulek, Manny

5/6. Complexity Gaming - Hysteria, Flurriously, MoNsTcR, Vetra

5/6. Spacestation Gaming - Ace, Tylenul, Kuhlect, Suppressed

7/8. Gamers First - Squallaye, PreDevoNatoR, Swish, Tonisun

7/8. Torrent - HotShotGhost, Piggy, FilthyG, Huss

9/12. Oxygen Esports - Common, Triton, Name, JkVii

9/12. XSET - Cratos, Suspector, Articc, MissLehcar

9/12. Golden Dawn - Cereal, Dynamics, Sljnky, APMH

9/12. Fnatic - Envore, Juziro, Sceptify, SuperCC

13/16. The Hvnd - Sylvanic, Facty, Hatve, FyahBird

13/16. Luminosity Gaming - CyKul, Karmea, GoldStarBR, Neuronical

13/16. Built By Gamers - KingJay, Nemassist, BoamX, Minds

13/16. Showtime - KyleGroovy, Shokoey, Xeodd, Krilsy

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