It's March Madness Halo edition: #12 seed Complexity 3-0's XSET to win this week's HCS Open Series

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Complexity 3-0 XSET

Game 1: Complexity 250-42 XSET (Live Fire SH) VOD

Game 2: Complexity 50-33 XSET (Recharge Slayer) VOD

Game 3: Complexity 5-2 XSET (Aquarius CTF) VOD

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Quite a few premier teams failed to make the cut for Thursday, teams like Pioneers, Fnatic, and Oxygen Esports were bounced out early. Fnatic would lose to Complexity in three games and then get 2-0’d by Pioneers in the Losers bracket. The Pioneers themselves would then go on to get 2-0’d themselves in the following round by Abature’s Torrent squad.

A new look Spacestation Gaming even managed to upset the number 1 seeded team in the tournament, eUnited 2-1, and knock them into the Losers bracket. However, Spacestation would then get swept by Complexity and then subsequently lose to eUnited in five games.

On the Winners side, Complexity would 3-0 XSET and advance to the Grand Finals, setting up an eventual eUnited vs XSET match in the Losers Finals. XSET and eUnited would trade the first two games, and in a pivotal game 3 Oddball, they would also trade the first two rounds before XSET won the final round, giving them a 2-1 advantage in the series. The final game of the series would be Streets Strongholds and some late-game heroics from Suspector would give XSET a hard-fought 250-232 win, advancing them to the tournament's Grand Finals vs Complexity.

The Grand Finals would end up being all Complexity, they swept a red hot XSET team who just beat one of the games best in eUnited and Vetra was a huge reason why they won so decisively, boasting an absurd 1.59 K/D ratio in the match. Hysteria also looked like his old self and if he can maintain that level of play Complexity is going to be a tough team to beat going forward. Given their performance today I think it's safe to say that Complexity has found their new permanent fouth in MoNsTcR and the paperwork is just a formality at this point.


1. ($1500) Complexity Gaming - Hysteria, MoNsTcR, Triton, Vetra

2. ($500) XSET - Cratos, Suppressed, Svspector, Artic

3. eUnited - Spartan, Rayne, RyaNoob, King Nick

4. G2 Esports - Gilkey, Str8 Sick, Tusk, Sabinater

5/6. Incognito - Karmea, Piggy, Neuronical, Cykul

5/6. Spacestation - Ace, Tylenul, Kuhlect, Rammyy

7/8. Torrent - FilthyG, Abature, HotShotGhost

7/8 Built by Gamers - King Jay, Borax, Nemassist, Minds

9/12. Pioneers - Druk, SoulSnipe, Manny, Taulek

9/12. Esports Arena Blue - JKVII, Eli Elite, GoldStarBR, Flurriously

9/12. Notorious - Precision, Groovy, ShocK, Parzelion

9/12. SnakedAndHeated - Posey, Sorrel, Rated, Mortally

13/16. Fnatic - Encore, SuperCC, Juziro, Sceptify

13/16. Oxygen Esports - Common, Haines, Name, Rob The Turtle

13/16. Status Quo - Flamesword, Bopster, Nesity, Clutchz

13/16. Titan - NYSea, LegendJR2, Reverse, Shutout

17/24. Native Gaming - Burton, SiickaThanYoAvg, Kubisnax, SickStory

17/24. ReplayStallions - RowaN da Boat, Biscuit Kappa, Neastlake, M0E

17/24. Shopify Rebellion - MentaL, Xpos1ve, Maux, Ikshana

17/24. EXO - Fantasy, Sargoth, Pilez, Employee

17/24. Gamers First - Squallaye, Swish, Tonisun, PreDevoNatoR

17/24. Happy Llamas - Llama2God, Xeod, Shokoye, Parabruh

17/24. Villains - Demonsiu, Perzecute, Pyrettic, Evolving

17/24. Wolfcave - Wolfmayyne, Life Alert, Fury Fours, Crewman XV

25/32. Bearclaw Esport - Xrossfade, Breakingshot, Ret The Sweat, TD Nerdy

25/32. Leviathan - lil WILL, ItzGlitchy, Merkagge, JForJumper

25/32. BLVKHVND - JGravity, Nebula, Gnyus, lCortex

25/32. WallsofJericho - GuIVShoT, CHILLED U, Squilly, Nikclai

25/32. Young Hashiras - FPS Bullseye, Foxy dta, Dakota NY, Remii

25/32. Last Minute Stainers - Brainstorm, RealisedG, ConpiracYI, Mop2Clutch

25/32. NSG - LeaderNess, Straight Goat, JustVvenom, Elumbate

25/32. Reality Check - Suddoth1, Suddoth2, Reverbed, Kabe

Full Bracket


Source: LVT Productions
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Source: LVT Productions
Source: LVT Productions
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Source: LVT Productions

Click here to watch the LVT Productions Top 8 Open Series VOD.

Remaining NA HCS Dates

3/20: NA Open Series
4/1 - 4/3: NA Open Championship
4/11: Roster Lock - Kansas City 2022
4/29 - 5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)
5/2 - 5/22: Player Break
5/23: Split 2 begins

The final Open Series tournament before Kansas City begins this Sunday, March 20th and you can register here.