CouRage carries his squad to a 2-1 victory versus Team Tommey in the AT&T $350K Annihilator Cup Finals

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Team Charlie vs Team Bravo

Game 1: Team Bravo 250-191 Team Charlie (Recharge SH) VOD

Game 2: Team Charlie 50-43 Team Bravo (Streets Slayer) VOD

Game 3: Team Charlie 4-1 Team Bravo (Aquarius CTF) VOD

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Third Place Match

Echo vs Alpha

Game 1: Team Echo 250-133 Team Alpha (Recharge SH)


Bravo vs Alpha

Game 1: Team Bravo 1-0 Team Alpha (Bazaar CTF) VOD

Charlie vs Echo

Game 1: Team Charlie 3-2 Team Echo (Bazaar CTF) VOD

*Semifinals were a Bo1 due to time constraints


Team Charlie - CouRage, Jericho, Keeoh, Jalon

Team Bravo - Tommey, Jake’n’Bake, AlexiaRaye, Emiru

Team Echo - Lirik, Noko, Doublelift, Slayeas

Team Alpha - TimTheTatman, PVPX, Repullze, Kruzadar

Team Delta - Shroud, Mizkif, Bnans, LuluLuvely

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The AT&T Annihilator Cup concludes next Friday with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, tune it at 4 PM ET on the AT&T Twitch channel to see who wins the tournament's massive $120K first-place prize.

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