New Cyber Showdown event, Attrition game mode, battle pass & store price update comes to Halo Infinite

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Today saw the launch of the new Cyber Showdown event in Halo Infinite following the end of part three of the Fracture Tenrai event a week ago.

This event sees a range of new futuristic styled cosmetics come to the game via the store and battlepass while the longstanding Halo game mode of Attrition finally makes its way into the game.

Cyber Showdown

Like the Fracture Tenrei and Winter Contingency events beforehand, this new event’s Battlepass requires players to complete challenges to rank up. 10 levels to the battlepass are available with weapon skins, armor effects, and more available.

The event will run for two weeks until January 31st.

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The event-specific game mode sees the return of Attrition.

This 4v4 mode is a team deathmatch variant -- like Slayer -- but rather than aiming to get 50 kills, each team has a limited number of respawns, however, can revive teammates. You win by depleting the enemy’s respawns and then wiping the squad. Like Oddball, it is best out of three rounds.

While Attrition and similar elimination game modes are present in a number of other shooters, this will be the first time “Attrition” has been in Halo since Halo 3’s Capture the Flag variant.

While being only playable for the next two weeks, many of the Cyber Showdown challenges also require you to play this game mode.

Store Updates

As with every Tuesday, today saw a fresh round of items enter the Halo Infinite store including two Cyber Showdown bundles including more Coatings, Visors, and a Mythic Effect sets.

This week did see a key change in the store, however, as the price of items were decreased in response to fan complaints. The four bundles are now priced at 1,200, 1,000, 500, and 500 credits each compared to 2,000, 1,500, 1,000, and 500 credits each as seen since launch. This means the items dropped from a total cost of 5,000 credits down to 3,200 each week.

The Cyber Showdown event will run for two weeks with new store items expected next week. Keep up to date with any further game updates here at ForerunnerGG