Does Halo Infinite have Crossplay?

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Does Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer have Crossplay?

Cross-platform play in Halo Infinite is enabled in all multiplayer playlists by default, so you will be matching players who are on both Xbox and PC.

There is currently no option to disable crossplay, however, in the Ranked Arena playlist you can change between Open queue and Solo/Duo queue which will give you a little more control over who you face.

Open queue allows parties of three or more players to search matchmaking, while Solo/Duo only allows single players or parties of two to match with you.

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Solo/Duo queue allows you to choose input-based matchmaking, so if you only want to match controller or mouse and keyboard players that option is available.

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Both input-based matchmaking options are still technically crossplay because you can play on Xbox with a mouse and board, and vice versa, but it does give you a little more influence over which types of players you find.

For instance, you can deduce that most controller players are on Xbox, so choose this option if you like to try and avoid PC players. Likewise, you can restrict the search to just MKB only and you’ll be much likelier to match players on PC.

Does Halo Infinite’s Campaign have Crossplay?

Yes, you’ll be able to co-op Halo Infinite’s story mode with your friends no matter whether they are on PC, Xbox One, or a newer generation Xbox Series X|S.

Co-op play has long been a staple of Halo’s core identity as a video game, and while not available to play at Halo Infinite’s release, work is underway to ensure that the fan-favorite game mode returns “later in Season 2”

Here’s what Halo Infinite’s Head of Creative, Joseph Staten had to say regarding co-op in a recent developer blog:

But the reality is that it’s going to take more time to land a high-quality, full-featured 4-player network co-op experience in the massive, wide-open world of Halo Infinite. We’re also committed to a great 2-player split-screen co-op experience on all Xbox consoles, from the original Xbox One through Xbox Series X—and the non-linear, wide-open sections of the Campaign present some big challenges for split-screen that have taken us more time to solve.

All this means that we will not be able to ship Campaign network co-op on May 3rd, at the start of Season 2. But we are still aiming to deliver Campaign network co-op later in Season 2, and we will share a release date for that and for split-screen co-op as soon as we can.

(Source: Halo Infinite Update – March 2022)

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