Does Halo Infinite Have SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking)?

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Does Halo Infinite Have SBMM (Skill-Based Matchmaking)?

Yes, Halo infinite does have skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) and it surprisingly exists in both ranked and unranked playlists.

How Does SBMM Work in Halo?

Most players would expect the Ranked Arena playlist to match players based on their matchmaking rank (MMR) but your MMR also influences which players you play with, even in supposed “casual” unranked playlists like Quick Play and Big Team Battle.

When you search any playlist in matchmaking your performance is constantly being evaluated. Unlike Halo games in the past where your MMR was linked to each individual playlist, Halo Infinite now has a Global MMR. So playing well in Rumble Pit for instance will increase your MMR and cause you to have more difficult matches in Quick Play, and vice versa.

A system called TrueMatch will find the best possible matches based on your MMR and the MMR of those currently searching for games. You'll be placed into a match and if you play better than the system expects your MMR will increase, and conversely, If you perform worse than expected your MMR will decrease.

It currently remains unclear exactly how your performance is judged but it appears the system values a high Kill/Death Ratio over objective play such as Flag captures and Oddball time, so be sure to focus on kills if you're looking to rank up as quickly as possible.

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What is CSR?

The rank that you earn from playing ranked playlists like Arena is called your Competitive Skill Rank, and it's represented visually via the six divisions below:

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Each division has six tiers except for Onyx, the highest rank, where you'll get a number beginning at 1500 that will either increase or decrease depending on your play. Be sure to read 343 Industries official ranked blog for an in-depth breakdown of both MMR and CSR.

Official Terminology

TrueSkill2: The underlying system that is used to understand as accurately and quickly as possible how skilled each player is relative to the population of players.

Skill / MMR: Skill refers to how "good" a player is, and MMR (MatchMaking Rating) is the numerical representation of skill for a specific playlist as measured by the TrueSkill2 system. We use this skill rating in matchmaking to ensure even, fair matches.

TrueMatch: The underlying system that is used to get the best possible matches by adjusting matchmaking parameters in response to shifting populations.

CSR: Short for “Competitive Skill Rank”, this is the ranking that you see as a player. While it is closely tied to MMR, CSR is not directly used in the matchmaking process. It is a reflection of your performances in a ranked playlist throughout the season.


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