Esports Arena announces $25k cup for Saturday, includes first cross-regional matches in Infinite

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This weekend will see a $25,000 launch tournament ran by Esports Arena. Read on for full details on the event:

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The Teams

Competing are some of the top names in North America as well as four international competitors making this the first look at cross-regional play before the Raleigh Major:

  • North America -- OpTic, Cloud9, Sentinels, eUnited, KCP, G2, G1, Oxygen, Team WaR, XSET, SSG, and VANDYL
  • Mexico -- Pittsburgh Knights
  • Europe -- Natus Vincere

The North American teams invited include 10 out of the top 12 teams from the NA Major qualifier with the newly acquired VANDYL roster added while Inconceivable is missing.

Probably more of note is the addition of the British Natus Vincere roster and the Mexican Pittsburgh Knights lineup with the latter having not lost a single map across all three regional tournaments so far.

With them competing we'll get our first look at how the different regions stack up before the Raleigh Major starts on the following Friday.

The one missing team is Team WaR which while shown in the team graphic has yet to announce their Halo lineup.

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Credit: @EsportsArena

The Broadcast

Taking place on Saturday, this tournament will be streamed on the esportsarena Twitch channel and cast by the trio of Wes "Clutch" Price, Garrett "ToolezCasts" O'Toole, and Alexander "YNOT_B_RECKLESS" Rose and hosted by JC 'Y4SO' McDonough.

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Credit: @EsportsArena

Series E

Also announced was that Series E tournaments are coming to Halo.

This tournament is a regular weekly tournament that sees semi-pro teams compete in open qualifiers with the winners getting signed by partnered "brands" to compete in the tournament. A quick rundown on the format can be seen below:

Check back here over the weekend for a rundown on the results in the final tournament before the Raleigh Major.