EU Pro Series Week 1 thread: scores, bracket, results

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The action is back in Europe as the region's top 16 teams fight for a $1,500 prize pool and the crucial HCS Points which will be used to seed March's online regional event.

Competing from 6pm GMT onwards today will be the top-eight teams from the Raleigh Major as well as the top eight from Sunday's open qualifier.

While Acend won all three regional tournaments last year, NAVI then bested them at the Raleigh Major finishing in joint-seventh compared to Acend and Quadrant's joint-ninth. Now, these three teams, in particular, will be eager to get their first Pro Series title to kick off the 2022 Season.

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You can view the full bracket here.


A rematch between Acend and Natus Vincere will be played for the first European Pro Series title as Acend hopes to get their fourth Halo Infinite win while this is new ground for this NAVI lineup.

  • Map 1 - Streets Stronghold - 250-144 to Acend
  • Map 2 - Recharge Slayer - 50-38 to Acend
  • Map 3 - Bazaar CtF - 3-1 to Acend

Acend 3-1 NAVI

Winner's Final

Acend 3-0 NAVI
The first best-of-five of the tournament had Acend take the lead from the beginning with a 2-0 Oddball result followed by a 50-23 domination on Slayer. Finally, on Aquarius CtF Acend send NAVI to the loser's bracket with a much closer 3-2 scoreline in which Acend was taken to overtime.

Lower Bracket Round 5 & 6

The Lads 2-1 Quadrant
In somewhat of an upset, the Quadrant roster exit in fourth place setting up a BO5 losers' final against NAVI.

NAVI 3-1 The Lads
Natus Vincere reaches their very first grand-final in Halo Infinite following a very close 2-0 Oddball on Streets, a loss on Slayer, a comeback on Strongholds and, finally, a very dominant 4-1 on Capture the Flag.

Lower Bracket Semi-Finals

Quadrant 2-1 HMCA
A 3-0 on Bazaar CtF followed by a 47-50 Slayer result on Streets and a close 2-1 on Oddball Recharge put Quadrant in the final four.

The Lads 2-0 Mock-It Esports
The mixed British, Dutch, and Irish roster of The Lads joins Quadrant in the losers' final after beating Mock-It, 2-0.

Upper Bracket Semi-Final

Acend 2-0 Quadrant
Acend took down their French counterparts with a 250-179 result on Recharge Strongholds and a 50-45 on Bazaar Slayer to reach the winner's final.

NAVI 2-0 Mock-It Esports
NAVI meanwhile took down Mock-It in another 2-0 on the same maps to reach the winner's final alongside Acend.

Upper Bracket Round 2

Acend was taken to map three versus The Lads (known as The Boys during the Major) in what was close to an upset):

  • NAVI 2-0 Gambit n Friends
  • Mock-It Esports 2-1 HMCA
  • Acend 2-1 The Lads
  • Quadrant 2-0 WhoKnows
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Upper Bracket Round 1

All eight teams which attended the Raleigh Major won the opening round of games:

  • NAVI 2-0 Wake Up
  • Gambit n Friends 2-0 Bongo
  • Mock-It Esports 2-0 HighStakes
  • HMCA 2-0 eazY Team
  • Acend 2-0 Kitty Krew
  • The Lads 2-0 SUUS
  • Quadrant 2-0 Almighty
  • WhoKnows 2-1 Fantastic

Lower Bracket Round 1, 2 & 3

Each of the Major-qualified teams once again got through rounds one and two of the lower bracket:

  • Bongo 2-0 Wake Up
  • eazY Team 2-1 HighStakes
  • Kitty Krew 2-0 SUUS
  • Almighty 2-0 Fantastic
  • WhoKnows 2-1 Bongo
  • The Lads 2-0 eazY Team
  • HMCS 2-0 Kitty Krew
  • Gambit n Friends 2-1 Almighty
  • The Lads 2-1 WhoKnows
  • HMCA 2-0 Gambit n Friends
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