eUnited defeats Fnatic 3-1 and wins the EsportsArena Series E: Halo Pro Night #2

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eUnited 3-1 Fnatic

Game 1. eUnited 250-96 Fnatic (Live Fire SH) VOD

Game 2. eUnited 50-39 Fnatic (Recharge Slayer) VOD

Game 3. Fnatic 4-3 eUnited (Aquarius CTF) VOD

Game 4. eUnited 100-54 Fnatic | eUnited 82-81 Fnatic (Streets Oddball) VOD

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Last night eUnited defeated Fnatic and won $500 in relatively dominant fashion. Outside of a Game 3 CTF where Fnatic would win despite an overkill by RyaNoob, eUnited imposed their will and the stats sheet reflects that.

The player that really stood out to me in this series was Rayne. He started and ended the series strong, in Game 1 he dropped 14 kills with only 7 deaths, his first life on Game 2 Slayer was a killing spree, and in Game 4 he went 17-7 and sealed the series for his team with a nasty double kill via two long-range frag grenades. Nick also had an impactful game 2 with an 18-11 effort, and in round 1 of Game 4 spartan nearly had a 3.0 K/D ratio, ending the round with 17 kills and 6 deaths.


1. ($500) eUnited - Spartan, RyaNoob, Rayne, Nick

2. Fnatic - Envore, SuperCC, Juziro, Sceptify

3/4. Pioneers - Druk, SoulSnipe, Taulek, Manny

3/4 Esports Arena Blue - Eli Elite, GoldStarBR, Flurriously, JK

The next EsportsArena Series E Open Night takes place next Monday, March 14th at 3PM PST, entry is free and the prize pool is $1000, if you're interested you can sign up here.