eUnited releases statement on roster situation

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Credit: @HCS

In response to Spartan benching himself for the remainder of the season, eUnited has issued this statement via their Twitter account:

“eUnited is disappointed to hear that Spartan is choosing to bench himself. We were surprised by his decision to take to social media to present a narrative that we feel is not accurate nor indicative of the entire situation. Over the past few days, Tyler has expressed his feelings to us about making a change at which time he threatened to bench himself if we were unwilling to meet his demands. We have listened to his requests and worked in conjunction with him to formulate a plan that the entire team was aware of and agreed upon, including Tyler. We have always strived to listen to our players' feedback, wants, and needs but trying to coerce a change while under contract is in our opinion unwarranted and inappropriate.

Despite this, eUnited has recently received some interest in Tyler but has yet to obtain a formal buyout offer in any form or substance from another organization. After discussing possible options with the entire team, in an effort to accommodate Tyler's wishes we did reach out directly to another organization to explore potential trade options. eUnited has yet to receive a formal response from that organization. Our intention is to build around Tyler for the foreseeable future. We want to see Tyler succeed but ultimately we must make a decision that best serves the organization and all the players on the team.

Tyler is choosing to hastily bench himself prematurely before any final decisions have been made. We are aware of the pressure that comes from being a world-class player and we recognize Tyler's passion but hope we can find a solution that works for all everyone involved. We have no intention of holding Tyler on the bench, this decision is of his own accord, but we need to find a solution that is beneficial for all parties. While we navigate this situation, the door will always be open for Tyler to return to the starting roster. Additionally, we will continue to listen to any legitimate trade or buyout offer that is mutually beneficial and is of like-kind or commensurate with Spartan's ability and reputation.”



In the tweet, eUnited explains that they had a plan for Spartan to return to the active roster, which he agreed to and later reneged on.

They would also say that they've received interest from other organizations but haven't gotten a formal offer yet. eUnited would even state that they've reached out to a team of Spartan's choosing about potential trade options but they haven't received any formal offers in return.

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Credit: @HCS

Although eUnited mentions that they would like to retain Spartan, build around him for the future, and that he's welcome to return to the starting roster whenever he likes, the org will continue to listen to any legitimate offers made for him in the meantime.

Spartan would issue his own follow-up statement, claiming that eUnited said he was unavailable to other teams:

With a little over two weeks until the first NA Pro Series on June 2nd, it remains to be seen who will replace Spartan on eUnited or if the two parties will be able to reconcile their differences.

Stay tuned to ForerunnerGG for the latest updates on the eUnited Halo roster situation.

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