eUnited sweeps XSET 3-0 to win this weeks NA Open Series

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1. eUnited - Ryanoob, Rayne, Spartan, King Nick

2. XSET - Cratos, Suspector, Suppressed, Articc

3. G2 Esports - Gilkey, Tusk, Str8 Sick, Sab

4. Fnatic - Envore, SuperCC, Juziro, Sceptify

5/6. Esports Arena Red - Rammyy, BoamX, Kuhlect, Neuronical

5/6. Oxygen Esports - Common, Name, Haines, Cherished

7/8. Notorious - Shock, Precision, Parzeli, Groovy

7/8. Esports Arena Blue - Flurriously, jKVIII, GoldStarBR, Eli Elite

9/12. SnakedandHeated - Posey, Emteekay, 100T Rated, Mortally

9/12. Torrent - Abature, Huss, HotShotGhost, Filthy G

9/12. Complexity - Triton, Karmea, Hysteria, Vetra

9/12. Gamers First - Squallaye, Tonisun, PreDevoNator, Marbs

13/16. Corrupt - Hative, Fyah Bird, DarkMatter, Galaxy

13/16. BLVKHVND - JGravity, Gnyus, Nebula, Cortex

13/16. Villians - Demonsiu, Persecute, Pyrettic, Evolving

13/16. No Half Senders - Burton, Piggy, Xeod, CyKul

Bracket | Grand Finals VOD

Upcoming NA HCS Schedule

3/13: NA Open Series
3/20: NA Open Series
4/1 - 4/3: NA Open Championship
4/11: Roster Lock - Kansas City 2022
4/29 - 5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)

North America has this weekend off and with the next Open Series tournament taking place on March 13th. After that, there is a final Open Series tournament before the NA Open Championship that will award two teams a spot in pool play and a travel stipend. With less than 2 months to go until Kansas City the schedule is looking light, it will be interesting to see if North America's top teams change positions or if KC's final results will mirror that of Anaheim.