eUnited wins Esports Arena Pro Night in thrilling five-game series versus the Pioneers (with Frosty)

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eUnited vs Pioneers — Grand Finals (Bo5)

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Game 1: Pioneers 250-163 FaZe (Live Fire SH) VOD

Game 2: eUnited 50-40 Pioneers (Recharge Slayer) VOD

Game 3: Pioneers 3-2 eUnited (Aquarius CTF) VOD

Game 4: eU 100-30 KCP | KCP 100-89 eU | eU 100-98 KCP (Streets Oddball) VOD

Game 5: eUnited 50-34 Pioneers (Bazaar Slayer) VOD

eUnited and the Kansas City Pioneers would face each other in the Esports Arena Pro Night Grand Finals after coming off what many would consider an upset win versus FaZe Clan. In Game 1, eUnited started strong and built an early lead before the Pioneers found their footing and would go on to score the last 100 Strongholds points unanswered. Game 2 would be all eUnited, despite a solid 15-9 game from Frosty in a losing effort eUnited's cohesion proved to be too much, 26 of their 50 kills in the game would come the way of assists. The Pioneers would take a 2-1 series advantage in Game 4, with the game-winning cap coming in the final minute of a squad wipe from KCP. In what would prove to be a pivotal Game 4 the Kansas City Pioneers were only 2 seconds away from winning the game and the series but eUnited rallied and scored 25 straight points taking the round 100-98. With all the momentum in their favor, eUnited would cruise to a 16 kill win in Game 5, taking the series and $500 for their efforts.

As usual Spartan had a huge series, nearly outslaying everyone in the lobby by twenty kills, it's also worth noting that the Pioneers were playing with Frosty as a sub in place of their usual fourth Taulek, and while obviously Frosty is one of the best ever perhaps KCP would have performed better with their actual practiced roster.

eUnited 3-0 ESA Blue — Round 1 (Bo5)

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Game 1: eU 100-22 ESA.B | eU 100-16 ESA.B (Recharge Oddball) VOD

Game 2: eUnited 50-34 ESA Blue (Bazaar Slayer) VOD

Game 3: eUnited 250-112 ESA Blue (Streets SH) VOD

Pioneers 3-1 FaZe — Round 1 (Bo5)

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Game 1: Pioneers 1-0 FaZe (Bazaar CTF) VOD

Game 2: Pioneers 50-41 FaZe (Aquarius Slayer) VOD | VOD2

Game 3: FaZe 100-68 KCP | KCP 100-60 FaZe | FaZe 100-35 (Live Fire Oddball) VOD

Game 4: Pioneers 250-230 FaZe (Recharge SH) VOD