FACEIT Halo is giving two FFA players from every region a chance to win full travel coverage to Kansas City’s Major LAN

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Yesterday Faceit Halo announced that they will adding an aditional FFA tournament to the end of the season, that will take place on April 4th, and that the winners of the final two FFA tournaments would be provided with full travel coverage to compete in the $5,000 FFA tournament at Kansas City.

Eight players in total, two from each region, will be given the chance to earn a trip to KC and this will be great opportunity for lesser-known players from outside of North America to get exposure and extremely valuable LAN experience. Listed below are the previous weeks FFA winners and given how often professional players won it's very possible we see some fresh faces step up.

Past FFA Winners

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If you would like to sign up or view the list of entrants you can find all of the FFA tournaments lised on the Faceit website here.