Pros from C9, FaZe, XSET & more to compete in debut HCS FFA Series tournament

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As announced last week, each Monday will see the HCS FFA Series tournament take place in each region.

Kicking off at 6pm local time in each region, the Free For All tournament sees eight players play a game on Aquarius with the top four by points progressing onwards to the next round. The single-elimination format also means a single bad game and you’re out.

The tournament offers HCS FFA Points -- not to be confused with HCS 4v4 Points which are completely separate -- which will be used to seed future tournaments including the Kansas City Major LAN FFA tournament.

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While Halo Infinite’s first and currently only official FFA tournament at the Raleigh Major saw Solaris’ Cody "Vetra" be crowned champion, this tournament will be the first one with real star power as members of some of the top teams in the world will be participating.

Most notably this includes Cloud9’s Braedon "StelluR" Boettcher who aims to add another first to his Infinite cabinet after winning the first Major and first two Pro Series tournaments. After previously winning the $32.5k Chipotle Challenger Series FFA tournament last month he’ll definitely be the favorite for week one.

Alongside him FaZe’s Jesse "bubu dubu" Moeller will be competing after winning multiple Halo 5 FFA tournaments while the longtime XSET duo of Carlos "Cratos" Ayala and Ayden "Suspector" Hill will be confident that after their top-four finish on Thursday they’ll be able to achieve another top finish tomorrow.

Oxygen’s Common, Pioneers’ Druk, and the orgless players of Dynamics, Tonisun, and Evolving rounds out the list of nine players from this week’s Pro Series who will be competing in North America.

Globally, the European tournament will star three members of this week’s grand-finalists, The Lads -- Qristola, Morguhhh, and Septiq -- while Mexico sees the regional victor of Drift compete, and Oceania has the four-time Open and Pro Series runner-up of BZIIRK looking to finally get first place as noone from The Chiefs will be in his way.

With no word of an official broadcast yet, the games will likely be watchable via the individual player POV’s instead as another tournament is added to the HCS calendar.

Notable FFA Series players

North America

  • Common - OxG
  • Evolving7 - H5 Settings Plz
  • Cratos - XSET
  • Druk84 - Pioneers
  • bubu dubu - FaZe
  • Suddoth 1 - Reality Check
  • DynamicsRJG - Astra
  • Tonisunn - Unsigned Talent
  • StelluR - Cloud9
  • Suspector - XSET


  • SLG - Quadrant
  • Qristola - The Lads
  • Squashyyy - Mock-it
  • Morguhhh - The Lads
  • Robs1n - The Lads


  • iDrift - Knights
  • Pelu - Timbers
  • Buttons - Timbers


  • BZllRK - Divine Mind
  • Bald - Dire Wolves