HCS partnered organization Fnatic acquires former Team WaR roster

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Fnatic announced today they have acquired Team WaR’s Halo roster consisting of SuperCC, Sceptify, Envore, and Juziro for the 2022 HCS Season.

These are exactly the type of players Fnatic was looking for when they outlined their scouting strategy for Halo Infinite. While the team might not be household names in the scene they do have some very res LAN performances under their belts.

They finished in 9th place at HCS Raleigh and the core of SuperCC, Envore, and Juziro also finished in 7th place at the final Halo 5 LAN tournament, the Halo Championship Series Finals in 2018. They competed together for the first time almost a year ago in February of 2021, and since then they’ve been on the cusp of breaking into North America’s exclusive Top 8 teams, with numerous 9th place finishes in online cups.

This isn’t the first time Fnatic Halo has had a Halo team, prior rosters include eUnited’s current Head Coach Chig, Str8 SicK of G2 Esports, Russo, and Prototype during Halo Reach. They also signed European rosters who attended both NA MLG events and European ran Halo events during the same time period.

Fnatic Halo is finally in the ball game, and while there is still a lot of time before the Halo World Championships this roster has much to improve upon if they hope to claim a spot in the tournament’s championship bracket. Tune in tomorrow’s NA Pro Series at xxxx to see Fnatic represented in Halo esports for the first time in nearly ten years.