ICYMI: Team Frosty wins $50,000 showmatch against Halo greats

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Credit: ESL

$50,000 was on the line in a 64-player 4v4 tournament last Friday, Dec. 3, which included some of the biggest names to touch Halo.

Top streamers DrDisrespect, DrLupo, Walshy, Hysteria, summit1g, FearItSelf, and Tsquared joined the Call of Duty League players Clayster, Crimsix, Neptune, and SlasheR, and multiple top Halo pros to compete in the biggest tournament in Halo Infinite by prize money to date.

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Swiss Stage

To begin, all 16 teams played five best-of-three map games in a Swiss format, with the top three progressing forward.

The CDL lineup of Clayster, Crimsix, SlasheR, and Neptune had a bad start to the tournament, losing in a straight 0-2 against the Suddoth twins. The team then beat both DrDisrespect and DrLupo’s teams, before losing in round five against Team MissLehcar, which starred the back-to-back Halo 5 World Champion of LethuL.

This game was a rematch between Crimsix and LethuL, with their last meeting being in the Halo Reach MLG Winter Championship in March 2012. There, LethuL’s squad won nine maps to four across two series to make it into the top four. That was also Crimsix’s final tournament as a Halo pro, with him first teaming up with Clayster a year later in Call of Duty.

While this loss meant Team Clayster finished in fourth, just missing out on the prize pool winnings, it was also the final win needed to complete Team MissLehcar’s flawless set of games. Prior to this, they had taken down Team Gigz, who finished in third, and Team Tommey, who finished fifth, making them the team to watch going forward.

The final team to make it into the top three was Team Frosty, whose record was only marred by Gigz. Sixth-placed was Team Summit1g, which also included OpTic’s aPG, the Halo 3 giant of Hysteria, and the eighth greatest player in Halo history, Walshy.


Winning the Swiss stage meant Team MissLehcar progressed straight to the grand-final to join the victor of Frosty vs Gigz, a matchup Gigz had won the first time around.

This rematch was less of a competition, with Frosty’s team winning 3-0 in a best-of-five. This included a 2-1 win on Aquarius CTF (whereGigz’s Mikwen got 37 kills to 16 deaths), a 50-42 Streets Slayer game where Frosty went 21-12, and a 2-1 Recharge Oddball result, where Enable secured two whole minutes with the ball to take the series.

The grand-final thus saw a BO5 between Frosty and MissLehcar. Here, MissLehcar and co. came out strong with a dominant 250-70 Strongholds victory in which LethuL went 18-8 and Twissted_Mindss went 14-7 -- the latter having just joined the Built By Gamers organization.

Frosty then woke up on the next map, as he went 16-10 on a Slayer game that they took in an incredibly close 50-48 scoreline. Enable then took over on Bazaar, where he managed to get the most kills, most assists, and the only flag capture of the game.

Finally, Oddball on Streets ended the tournament, as Team Frosty took both rounds in dominant fashion.


With this, the teams finished as follows, with the winners getting $25,000, the runners up getting $10,000 and third-place getting $5,000:

  • 1st -- Frosty, MaNiaC, Enable, and randa
  • 2nd -- MissLehcar, LethuL, Twissted_Mindss, and iMOMEN7
  • 3rd -- Gigz, Tusk, Mikwen, and Trunks
  • 4th -- Clayster, Neptune, Crimsix, and SlasheR
  • 5th -- Tommey, HotShotGhost, FormaL, and Eco
  • 6th -- summit1g, aPG, Walshy, and Hysteria
  • 7th -- DrLupo, Pistola, MuNoZ, and Gamesager
  • 8th -- Suddoth1, Suddoth2, TannerSlays, and FearItSelf
  • 9th -- Rated, StelluR, KingJay, and Commonly
  • 10th -- BiiTTERSWEET, Penguin, Marbs, and Sceptify
  • 11th -- Hitch, Blake, Jorge, and SnakeBite
  • 12th -- DrDisrespect, Doug, Flamesword, and Burton
  • 13th -- Autumn, Ace, Tsquared, and Elamite
  • 14th -- LEGIQN, ZLaner, Royal2, and Reedr
  • 15th -- Str8 SicK, HuNteR Jjx, FrostyTheTruth, and SneakEBeaver
  • 16th -- JaredFPS, Suspector, WinntuR, and Justo
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