G1, BBG, V1, and PK all qualify for the $50k FaZe Clan Halo Invitational this weekend

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Qualifier Results

Q. Gamers First - Squallaye, PreDevoNatoR, Tonisun, Swish (Winner’s Bracket)

Q. Built By Gamers - KingJay, Nemassist, BoammX, Minds (Winner’s Bracket)

Q. Incognito - Karmea, Neuronical, CyKul, Piggy EX (Loser’s Bracket)

Q. Pittsburgh Knights - Bullet, Atzo, Tapping Buttons, Drift (Loser’s Bracket)

5/6. Notorious - KyleGroovy, AlecShocK, Parzeli, Precisin

5/6. Torrent Abature, Huss, HotShotGhost, Filthy G

7/8. Titan - SckStory, NYSea, Reverse2K, JR2

7/8. Status Quo - Flamesword, Clutch, Nesity, Bop

9/12. Snaked and Heated - Posey, SoReLL, Rated 100T, emteekay

9/12. Lies - PackMandela, Nebuula, Ikshanah, Shokoye

9/12. CintaNegra GOD - Guardian, Dolan, Sepstars, Mqgico

9/12. Final - Galaxy, DarkMatter XV, Lifeee alert, Fyah Bird

13/16. Shopify Rebellion - Maux, MentaL, Xplosive, Solurs

13/16. Street Runnas - Stan Paradigm, Ampium, Nexysaur, Toonice

13/16. Villains - Demonsiu, Perzecute, CommandStation, Kubisnaxxx

13/16. Zero Practice - Jiggy iwnl, nathan 4 you, Nztive ttv, Lerskey

17/24. NOLA Flight - KonFLicTioN, Villian, LetterZ, Mission Hock3y

17/24. BearClaw Esports - Ret The Sweat, Breakingshot, LeaderNess, Llama2God

17/24. Arsenal - Yakzn, ovkenny, Greek ODP, Ciaozu *

17/24. Ham Sandwich - Case2Lucky, Knoxxd, TrickySRO, FPS

17/24. CN Invizion - Goriloco1, CN SOBRIO, Draaxze, CyRaX WRLD

17/24. The Hvnd - Sylvanic, Bepics, Xeod, Facty JV

17/24. Anomaly Endure - Mudshot, RealisedG, Kabe, Reverbed

17/24. Anomaly Gaming - DeclinxR, wraiis, TruthTJB, Batmavne

25/32. UMBRA Collective - Zave gg, Saves, Neeruh, Jetty dj

25/32. Up5 Gaming - ScissorTV, ShvR, Whoa Nasty, Im Sapes

25/32. Skyline - PARADlSE, v Finessed, SupRR MayNe, Glowziis TTV *

25/32. UnjustifiedGG - xShrekyy, bunnies waddles, McAverage, SelfMade Max

25/32. K9 CintaNegra - Acendrado, NNeoz, Trascendido, Ellalie

25/32. Pivot - Jokerr HCS, Brother Ancient, Aherra, RuthlessMajin *

25/32. 20R Purple - KEEP C0MP0SURE, snakehtx, Sayber, CashinCheeeqs

25/32. iDentity eSports - C2Woody, GBPO, Palfius, ItzSizzleTV

33/38. Makeshift - Jax OBrien, Hydrastic, Mexy, Spotless v2

33/38. BLVKHVND - Cortex, Gnyus, JGravity, PiLEZ

33/38. Cream Team - DBIRD3475, EaGe InVeRsE, NRichMyBEAK, RamiiSR

33/38. Run - Crayola, Jukez IR, i DontWinEnough, Squidy yG

33/38. Monkeytime - SND TagMan, Jyygo, Leaning star, chapelhill5680

33/38. Fleets of Array - Mhardnet, Exxiiile, Itsbrooks117, eagerelo *

Bracket | * teams had more than 4 players listed

Invited Teams

FaZe Clan - Snip3down, bubu dubu, Bound, Falcated

Cloud9 - Renegade, Eco, Stellur, Penguin

OpTic - Lucid, Trippy, Formal, aPG

eUnited - Spartan, Ryanoob, Rayne, King Nick

XSET - Cratos, Suspector, Artic, Suppressed

FNATIC - Envore, Sceptify, SuperCC, Ali

G2 Esports - Gilkey, Sabinater, Str8 Sick, Tusk

Sentinels - Lethul, Snakebite, Frosty, Royal2

Pioneers - Druk, SoulSnipe, Taluek, Manny

Complexity - Triton, Hysteria, Monstcr, Vetra

Oxygen Esports - Common, Haines, Name, Cherished

Spacestation - Ace, Kuhlect, Rammyy, Tylenul


1st - $25,000

2nd - $15,000

3rd - $7,500

4th - $2,500

The 50k invitational event resumes this Saturday, April 16th at 3 PM ET with pool play leading into a 8 team double elimination bracket that concludes on Sunday. You'll be able to watch the tournament on both the FaZe and Nerd Street Halo Twitch chanels as well as whatever players choose to stream that day.

With a $50,000 prize pool on the line this will be one of Halo Infinite's highest stake events to date and should result in some really fun and competitive matches, be sure to check ForerunnerGG all weekend for updates.