Gunplexion goes back to back in NA FFA Series; Kimbo, Pelu, and Jordon all win their respective regions

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North America (316 players)

Stats from the FFA Series Finals
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Stats from the FFA Series Finals

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Gunplexion goes back to back and adds another FFA Series tournament win to his resume. He lead by as many as five kills for most of the game before PorkyJ made a run in the final two minutes, eventually falling just a kill short. It's also worth noting that mouse and keyboard player XLEK made the finals, a rare occurrence for an esport that is currently dominated by controller players.

So far Gunplexion has two FFA wins, has been in the finals of all 4 FFA Series tournaments, and he came in third place at Raleigh's FFA. With all that said, he's still a free agent, and given his individual success a team looking for a top-level slayer would be wise to give him an opportunity. If you want a recent example of this strategy working just look at Complexity Gaming, they finished outside the top 32 at Raleigh, so they added Raleigh FFA champion Vetra to their roster, and now they're a Top 16 team attending Anaheim. I think it's safe to say that Gunplexion will be on a 4v4 team by the time Kansas City's Major tournament comes around.

Gunplexion subscribers can watch the FFA Finals here.

Mexico (79 players)

1. Pelu - 49 kills

2. Chico - 44 kills

3. Zepnik - 39 kills

4. Bullet - 39 kills

5. Sepstars - 37 kills

6. Dolan - 36 kills

7. Goriloco1 - 35 kills

8. Sucu - 34 kills

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Pelu avenges his second-place finish in the second Mexican FFA Series and takes home this week's Mexican FFA Series title. He also joins his Timers Esports teammate Magico as an online regional FFA champion.

Australia (45 players)

1. Jordon - 52 kills

2. Bandit - 44 kills

3. cR_AL3JO - 43 kills

4. Just Tuff - 42 kills

5. Blake dw - 38 kills

6. Swayz - 34 kills

7. Samuel the 17th - 32 kills

8. Empathetc - 27 kills

Full Results

Jordon of Dethrupter Fans is your reigning Australia and New Zealand FFA Series champion. Just a week after falling one kill short of first place, he responded by blowing away the competition, winning by nearly a ten kill margin.

Europe (138 players)

1. Kimbo - 50 kills

2. Mentlan - 49 kills

3. Warlord - 46 kills

4. Tchik - 44 kills

5. Easstwood - 39 kills

6. LeftEye71 - 39 kills

7. Wolfius - 34 kills

8. W3LSHMANIA - 29 kills

Full Results

Long-time European standout and current NaVi team member Kimbo won this week's EU FFA Series, defeating Mentlan who came in second place for the second straight week, losing by just one kill in both tournaments. This was a fairly stacked FFA lobby, featuring established European Pros such as TchiK of Quadrant and Warlord from Mock-it Esports. Kimbo deleted the FFA Final's VOD from his Twitch channel but you can watch a theater replay that he rebroadcast here.