FACEIT Halo announces weekly HCS FFA Series

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FACEIT announced today that they are hosting weekly FFA tournaments for each HCS Region. The single-elimination tournaments will take place every Monday, from January 17-March 28th, and then later from May 23rd - August 29th. North America and Europe will both have 512 spots available for players while Mexico and Australia only have 256, and given Halo Infinite’s record-breaking 4v4 attendance numbers these are sure to fill up quickly. The official tournament game type will be 8 player FFA on Aquarius and you can check the official FACEIT website for complete game settings.

FFA in Halo esports has long been a proving ground for undiscovered talent to make a name for themselves and gain meaningful 4v4 roster spots. Notable players like Pistola, StrongSide, and Str8 Sick are examples of aspiring Halo professionals using FFA to gain a foothold in the scene, and eventually, advance onto bigger and better things. Given all the fresh blood in the scene, it will be interesting to see what new players, if any, take advantage of the opportunity.