First FFA Series sees incorrect and absent players advanced in the tournament

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As announced last week, the very first HCS FFA Series tournament was scheduled in all four regions for Monday with hundreds of players competing to become Halo Infinite’s first official online FFA champions.

The Free For All format consists of eight players competing on Aquarius with the top four progressing onwards while the bottom four are eliminated.

Although the EU and MX tournaments continued without any reported issues and OCE’s was rescheduled to Wednesday, the North American tournament has seen the wrong players be eliminated at various stages throughout the bracket leading to the wrong or even no-show players advancing forward instead.

With this issue not being reported in Europe and Mexico, an admin error has been assumed to be the most likely culprit of the problems, however, this has been explicitly denied by a FACEIT admin involved.

As of writing, no official statement has been made surrounding the issues by FACEIT or the HCS so far. ForerunnerGG will be sure to cover any updates to this story as they come.