HCS Open Championships: Teams, schedule, and format

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Despite Pool Play at the upcoming Major already being filled, the HCS is offering one last chance for teams to earn a trip to Kansas City and prove they have what it takes against the best Halo teams in the world.

These “Open Championships” will send two teams from each region to the event, and for international teams, this is an especially big opportunity to earn valuable LAN experience against often superior North American talent in the tournament's Open Bracket.

Registration is open to everyone, but only the top 16 teams based on points from EU/NA and the top 8 teams from ANZ/MX will be selected to compete. The signup window closes tomorrow, March 31st at 11 AM ET with the tournament taking place on April 2nd and April 3rd. The format will be similar to the regional Super tournaments that just took place, with pool play beginning the tournament and then seeding the Championship Bracket based on the results.

Here are the currently registered teams, and in NA’s case, the top 16 teams based on HCS points:

North America

Oxygen Esports - Cherished, Haines, Common, Name (29,234 Points)

Gamers First - Swish, Squallaye, PreDevoNatoR, tonisun (28,600 Points)

Complexity - Vetra, Triton, MoNsTcR, Hysteria (29,822 Points)

Built By Gamers - BoamX, King Jay, Minds, Nemassist (26,602 Points)

Incognito - PiggySaiyan, Neuronical, Karmea, Cykul (25,748 Points)

Torrent- Abature, FilthyG, HotShotGhost, Huss (25,548 Points)

ESA Blue - Flurriously, JkVii, GoldStarBr, EliElite (18,958 Points)

Shopify Rebellion - Xplosive, Solurs, Maux, Mental (15,750 Points)

Notorious - Precision, Parzeli, ShocKill, Groovy (15,302 Points)

Final - LifeeAlert, DarkMatterXV, FyahBird, Galaxy (14,664 Points)

SnakedandHeated - Emteekayy, Sorrell, Rated, Posey (14,320 Points)

EXO - Sargoth, Employee, Fantvsy, Bid (13,982 Points)

Villians - Perzecute, Evolving, Pyrettic, Demonsiu (~12,000**)

The Hvnd - Xeodd, FactyJV, Sylvanic, Bepics (11,304 Points)

REPLAYSTALLIONS - RowaN, Moe, Neastlake, BKap (10,742 Points)

Bearclaw Esports - Xrossfade, Ret, Breakingshot, Nerdy (9,218 Points)

*rosters based on currently registered teams, sign up ends March 31st

**Couldn't locate Evolving's HCS point total on EE.GG


Flying Dutchman - Ramirez, Mose, IMysta, Clonely

BLVKHVND EU - Riotz, Snakey, Phlux, CaseyLunny

Team Twisted - Nolson, Defrag, lDisarray, Zhuh

Vexed Gaming - Batchford, Looneydogzz, WxrLord, Squashyyy

Method2Madness - EbbY, Mentlan, SimpIay, TheSpeedShow

Team 7 - Teo, Zami, Oney25, LeftEye

Your Org Here - zMightys, Valkyrie, Nemainsss, Sherzy2

Funday League - SimplyGambit, Tbaanged, SamBaldy, Sandell

BRC HACHE - ECZ_SaiLeX, Feedouuu, Z0ro97, ZenMayster

BH3 AbrasiVe - IPr0M, MayAdre, Tracounet, FR_BENZ

BRC Sabre - Swayk, Misterbaldo, Kao_EU, Snagoouu

Element Gaming - EExplosivee, FA3R1, EUWise, ENVELQPE

syN Halo - Cyroied, Bubbs3891, Easstwood, Rhanakin

Papis - Poitazul1, Denhyper, Lourenco, MisHyped

pingU - Marvies, Cr0ssMan, SystemathiCC, ZaoC

Inception - Strafery, NvKeTTV, EURooss, RiNiX_

*rosters based on currently registered teams, sign up ends March 31st

Australia & New Zealand

Divine Mind - BZllRK, Rated, Swayz, Beastn

Dire Wolves - Vaampt, Zerkil, Bald, Deano

BBR - Dante, Benjy, Ninjestics, Adz

Demons - FlexRainZ, Jordon, Lolleey, Plasma

Yung Thogs - Tuff, Wryce, Bandit, Tekorai

1620 Kings - Stats, Reaver, Tarnsky, Engine

GIV3TH4MTIM3 - Canonized, Scooby, Done4good, Hendralol

Next - Noobles, Lunchy, Divinity, Lith

*rosters based on currently registered teams, sign up ends March 31st


Rebel - Rorzch, Laaylox, Leuor, Strikey

Cintanegra - DolanSZN, SoyGuardian, JohaanMc, Sepstars

K9 Cintanegra - Hytlcr, Heavcnly, Acendrado, Ellalie

Altar Esports - Parvdize, Ateniuz, Grimsty, ZauronOne

Blood Run - BRlagg, Mikepartida, zFearSnake, BR_EREN

ABYYS ESPORTS - AKV Sucu, Strikkerzz, Jazielyepiz, Teckilla

Team Smog - Impacted, BadKarma, TuTelevision, Drax

Tee Gaming - IDislog, GiltAndres, penguinR0B, IPpoBum

Saint Thieves - iTzFercho, DarkAzaVage, Rankoscarded, STONGSHIFTER

Ungravity Blue - Ssk_strikes, AlanKirax58, GAMvSlip, el_sepsiTTV

Sonyx Zauron - Pandoratl, RevenTV, Basegraph, Gishlaine

CN Invizion - Goriloco1, APlaycr, lCyRaX, Draaxze

Jaguars - Hysteria, Arty-2, Wesst, Embrxced

*rosters based on currently registered teams, sign up ends March 31st

Stay tuned to ForerunnerGG throughout the weekend for updates and results from each region’s respective Open Championship.