HCS launches new 'Update' blog series with Anaheim information, future HCS plans, and additional Sentinel player fines

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In a Halo Waypoint blog post today, clarification surrounding the upcoming Anaheim Regional event as well as further details concerning the increase in partnered teams, competitive sanctions and more were unveiled. Here’s a rundown on all of the information:

Anaheim Regional

The following eight teams have qualified for the Regional event taking place from the 11-13th of February due to their performance at the Raleigh Major:

  • Cloud9
  • eUnited
  • FaZe Clan
  • Sentinels
  • Spacestation Gaming
  • G2 Esports
  • OpTic Gaming
  • KC Pioneers

Joining these will be eight more from an open qualifier taking place on January 29-30th.

The LAN event will be run without spectators and will see an initial Pool Play followed by a Championship Bracket in a very similar format to that of the Raleigh Major. All games will be best-of-five except the best-of-seven grand-final and will be played on the Xbox Series X.

Competitive Sanctions

Adding onto the prior ban of Sentinel’s Mathew "Royal2" Fiorante, the HCS has now also issued his two teammates of Chris "Royal1" Fiorante and Tony "LethuL" Jr. with fines for “violating the HCS Code of Conduct” in Tweets made following the announcement of the initial ban.

More specifically, Royal1 was fined for “severe disparagement of HCS Administration, and for severe mistreatment of League Officials” while LethuL was penalised for “severe disparagement of 343i and HCS Administration, and for Social Media Misconduct”.

Partnered Teams

Applications to become a partnered HCS organization will open between February and April with 343i “targeting 1-4 new partners for the second wave”.

Also announced was that 343i will be “publicly sharing the requirements needed to apply and what we’re looking for in a partner”. The successful organizations won’t be revealed until late 2022, however.

Broken Records

In showing how successful the launch of Halo Infinite esports has been, the following viewership and participation records were listed:

  • The first open qualifiers had more viewers of any Halo event excluding World Championships
  • The Raleigh Kick-Off Major doubled the prior concurrent Halo viewership record set at the 2017 World Championship
  • The second open qualifier holds the record for the most teams to ever play in a Halo tournament with 788 globally


Finally, the blog post also addressed a number of community concerns raised over the last month:

Mid-Week Tournaments

The NA Pro Series taking place on Thursdays has led to complaints from a number of Pro teams with them wanting it moved earlier in the day and to the weekend. 343i responded stating that this schedule was to “drive viewership as well as avoid conflicts with other streams and events” and that “If we feel we’re not meeting them then we will adjust accordingly”.

Observer Mode Issues

While fixes are being made to make the scoreboard more readable when light team colours are being used, issues with the reticle misalignment will take longer to fix as it’s due to increased online latency.

Global Expansion

While the current HCS environment includes the four regions of North America, Europe, Mexico, and Oceania, 343i states that they “do have plans to slowly add more countries/regions into the scene” over the coming years. Until then HCS Grassroots tournaments will be ran which should be announced in the coming months.