Halo Infinite esports breaks franchise records twice in a month

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So far since the launch of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta best, the esport has seen two open tournaments take place offering a total of $11,000 in prize money across the four regions -- North America, Europe, Mexico, and Australia & New Zealand.

These tournaments, while being small in the grander $3,000,000 (plus crowdfunding) total prize pool offered across the HCS Calendar, now hold the distinction for being the tournaments with the highest sign-ups of any tournament in Halo history.

While the prior record sat at 314 teams for the first open qualifier for Halo 5’s 2016 World Championships, the first North American open cup for Halo Infinite smashed this record with 406 players. The following week’s second cup then beat this again with the sign-up hitting its maximum of 512 teams.

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As well as this, the EU open cup that same week saw 128 teams sign up, Mexico had 102, and ANZ had 51. This totals 793 teams and 3,172 players across all that weekend’s cups, another Halo esports record.

While there won’t be another Halo Open Cup until January next year, the upcoming Raleigh Major will be looking to break franchise records itself as its sights are set on the 2017 World Championships’ peak of 135,000 concurrent viewers.