Introducing ForerunnerGG, your one stop for Halo Esports news, stats, and more!

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Today, the Gfinity and SiegeGG team is proud to announce the launch of ForerunnerGG, a dedicated website to cover the growing Halo Infinite Esports scene.

What can you expect from ForerunnerGG?

ForerunnerGG will offer news coverage of every major team and tournament announcement. It will be an easy way to track the results and upcoming games across all notable leagues and will be the hub for all statistical information for team and player performances.

News Coverage

If you want to keep track of what’s happening in Halo Esports but don’t want to follow countless pro players and tournament organizers, we will have you covered as we’ll be reporting on all the big news you’ll want to hear about as it comes.

As well as this, we’ll be breaking down some of the more confusing aspects to Halo, such as the tournament formats, the series’ vast history, and any changes to the game to welcome new fans into the scene. After all, here in the Halo community, we're supposed to take care of each other.

Finally, as the 2022 season progresses, we’ll also be providing further insights on the big teams and tournaments with in-depth event coverage and interviews.

Stats Coverage

As well as news, ForerunnerGG will also be releasing game statistics for every team and player, as seen below:

The statistics for the NA Open Series #1 grand final
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The statistics for the NA Open Series #1 grand final

This allows fans to check up on how their favourite player is doing and gives a deeper insight into how a game went and how a team is performing.

Furthermore, across an entire tournament or split, our upcoming competition pages allow you to see a macro view of a player's achievements and key stats. Each page will act as a hub for everything you would want to know about the event. The full team rosters, game results, stats, and news for a tournament will all be found there, conveniently located in one place.

A screenshot from SiegeGG's Competition Pages.
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A screenshot from SiegeGG's Competition Pages.

As well as being interesting to see and compare, these also allow us to produce more accurate and detailed analysis of the tournaments using this added data.

Future Content

While not available on launch, ForerunnerGG hopes to launch a myriad of additional features over the next year. This includes a stats-based team ranking, player photo galleries from events, and on-site predictions. This will all be done while consistently increasing the quality of our stats and news coverage.

Who’s behind ForerunnerGG?

The core staff running ForerunnerGG will be the ones behind SiegeGG, the current news and stats hub for the Rainbow Six Esports scene.

After almost four years of growing the website to become the go-to authority in the R6 Esports, joining Gfinity Esports in September has now allowed us to spread out to provide our Esports Awards-nominated coverage to the incredibly promising Halo Esports scene.

Also joining us is Mike “Moses_FPS” Schnitzer, who will help us keep track of Halo’s storied history and ensure our articles are easy to understand and accessible to all.

The team here at ForerunnerGG is very excited for this launch and are ready to get to work and give Halo Esports the high-quality dedicated coverage it deserves. And that's a promise we can keep.