Is there a Halo Battle Royale?

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A Halo Infinite battle royale appears to be a reality, and now even credible Xbox Insiders like Jez Corden are beginning to reveal details about the future game mode.

On the Xbox Two podcast, Jez stated that 343 Industries along with Certain Affinity are developing a large-scale PvPvE mode with objectives and most notably, a shrinking circle, a feature that just happens to be present in nearly every battle royale game.

Data miners have also discovered planned content that all points in the direction of a brand new Halo battle royale. In the game's files under the codename “Tatanka” battle royale resources, settings, and even confirmation that the mode has been tested nearly five thousand times can be found.

With keywords like loot, revive, and storm all appearing on the list above it's safe to assume these settings are Battle Royale specific and won't be utilized by familiar Halo game modes.

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Like most traditional BRs the mode will support up to 100 players and is planned to have various playlists such as FFA, Duos, Quads, and even potentially an entire bot lobby for newcomers to practice their skills in.

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Most data miners are pointing towards Season 3 in November as the release date for the battle royale mode, but given 343's track record it's possible the mode gets pushed back further.

We will have a greater idea about the battle royale's potential scope and launch window as more content is data mined and additional insiders come forward with information.

Stay tuned to ForerunnerGG for the latest news and updates regarding Halo Infinite's battle royale.