ICYMI: Jenelle & Mynx win first women's 2v2 tournament in Infinite

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Last Sunday “Veronickuh” and “Echidna” hosted a $1,500 ladies 2v2 tournament, the first of its kind in Halo Infinite. The tournament had excellent participation with 148 total female players, which would be considered an impressive amount for any non-HCS event, let alone a gender-specific one. The prize pool started at $200 before eventually being raised to $1,500 thanks to contributions from the community.

The Rules

The double-elimination, best-of-three map tournament saw the players meet on Slayer matchups with half the points needed making it first to 25 kills per map.

The games took place on Aquarius, Live Fire, and Recharge which each had a lot of the power weapons disallowed to create a more even playing field and to discourage camping with CQC weapons.

The Matchups

The team captain of the second-placed team in last week’s Game Pass Invitational, “MissLehcar” teamed up with “SirenOfAnarchy” with whom she made it to the upper-bracket top-16 before losing to Latinas FTW.

Following this, they mounted an impressive lower-bracket run winning five matches running with the threat of elimination hanging over them. Match four in this run included a rematch against Latinas FTW which they took in a tight 2-1 scoreline before they were eventually knocked out in the loser’s final against Scissor City.

Scissor City meanwhile, which includes “Divine_Damsel” and “Queenx3” ran all the way through the upper-bracket until losing to “Jenelle” and “Mynx”’s Jynx team. After losing the initial winner’s final their victory over MissLehcar meant they met up again in a best-of-five grand final.

This extended final was a close one with Scissor City initially getting their own back with a fairly slow 3-2 series win to take the game to a bracket reset. This second series was much more of a blowout as Jynx won in a straight 3-0 (24-22, 25-19, and 25-20) which saw Mynx in particular excel with kill-death counts of 14-11, 12-9, 14-9 making her the game’s standout player.

The Winners

With Jynx taking the overall title, here’s a rundown of the top 10 squads as the victors got $750, runners-up got $450, third-place got $200, and fourth place won $100:

1. Jynx -- Jenelle and Mynx
2. Scissor City -- Queen x3 and Divine Damsel
3. Pig Emoji -- SirenOfAnarchy and Miss xLechar
4. Latinas FTW -- xox Precious and IMrsHeArTbReAkl
5. Dompus -- Krandapus and xo Domino
6. Selina -- Ms Audy and PurelyChristina
7. Sin nombre -- xByankiss and Pinksakvra
8. Yin and Yang -- AbbyTooDank and Shelzyy
9. Double Bs -- Birdieasm and Ideas xoxo
10. Last Minute -- iBlodreina and Beliary

The full rankings of 74 teams can be found on the tournament’s challonge page.

Be sure to keep an eye out for coverage of any and all future tournaments of this kind as Infinite sees more independent tournaments kick-off.