Knights win the MX Super and punch their tickets to Kansas City, currently hold a 125-7 Map Count record in the region

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Mexico’s undisputed #1 team took care of business this weekend and won their region's $50,000 Super tournament, but it was far from a cakewalk for one of the most dominant teams in Halo esports. They lost more maps in this tournament than in the past 4 months combined, coming into the MX Super tournament they held a 106-3 map count record, with only the occasional loss to Timbers Esports along the way. They would lose 4 games this weekend and be even pushed to a Game 5 in a series versus Timbers Esports that they nearly lost.

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Winners Finals VOD

The Knights and Timbers Esports faced each other for the first time in the Winner's Bracket Finals, and it ended up being the tournament's best match. Timbers Esports found themselves going into Game 4 of the series up 2-1, with only a single win remaining between them and the Grand Finals. That Game 4 would be Aquarius CTF and Timbers Esports were up 3 flags to 2 with just two minutes left, but they couldn’t hold on, the Knights would win in overtime and then eventually go on to take the series in Game 5.

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Grand Finals VOD

In stark contrast to an extremely close Winner’s Bracket Finals where Timbers Esports had their opportunities to win the series, the Knights would go on to essentially roll them in the Grand Finals and secure the $20,000 prize as well as a guaranteed Championship Bracket appearance in Kansas City.


1. ($20,000) Pittsburgh Knights - Drift, Tapping Buttons, Gambino, Atzo

2. ($11,000) Timbers Esports - Noble, Pelu, Bullet, Magico

3. ($6,000) Team Cruelty - Deco, Reaper Rips, Rinnegan, DanyKnight

4. ($4,000) Rebel - Leuor, Rorzch, Laaylox, Strikeyy

5/6. ($2,000) LLNM - Nugget, Luderk, Sepstars, Bluexide

5/6. ($2,000) Cintanegra - Johaan, Guardian, Zarck, Playcrr

7/8. ($1,500) K9 Cintanega - Heavcnly, Hytlcr, Acendrado, NNeoz

7/8. ($1,500) Altar Esports - Zauron, Parvdize, Ateniuz, Grimsty

9/10. ($1,000) Ignis Esports - S3lioh, Dynas, iCooooler, Kroonoe

9/10. ($1,000) Team SMOG - BadKarma, TuTelevision, Jazielyepiz, ImpactedAsp


Remaining Split 1 MX Dates

3/13: MX Open Series

3/20: MX Open Series

4/1 - 4/3: MX Open Championship

4/11: Roster Lock Major Kansas City 2022

4/29 - 5/1: HCS Major Kansas City 2022 (Split 1 Finals)