Luminosity Gaming rejoins Halo esports after 4-year absence, signs Incognito roster ahead of the Kansas City Major

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One of Halo esports most successful organizations during the Halo 5 era has returned to the scene with a new young roster and hopes of reaching their second Halo World Championship at season's end.

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With their past rosters including names like Victory X, aPG, Rayne, Trippy, Saiyan (Lucid), Eco, and even Ninja it’s safe to say that Luminosity knows pro Halo talent when they see it. Despite not being the most well-known or established names in the scene, the Incognito roster shows a lot of potential, and that’s what Luminosity is banking on going forward.

(Source: Halo Esports Wiki)
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(Source: Halo Esports Wiki)

The core of Karmea, CyKul, Piggy, and coach Mashlan placed 9-12th at Anaheim with Tonisun as their fourth. They won a single match in Pool Play against Complexity and would face Fnatic (VOD) in Upper Bracket round 1, a series they would go on to lose in five games. In their subsequent series in Lower Bracket round 1 they would flip the script, defeating Torrent (VOD) in five games before eventually being swept and eliminated from the tournament by FaZe Clan (VOD) in Lower Bracket round 2.

They’ll look to improve upon their past LAN placing with a new teammate and a big-time organization to represent at Kansas City, but they might have their work cut out for them given the added competition.

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