Minds of Built by Gamers disqualified from the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse 10k following cheating accusation

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Ten days after the conclusion of the Magic Mushroom Clubhouse NFT 10K the tournament’s organizers have disqualified Minds of Built by Gamers for allegedly cheating during the Grand Finals against the Kansas City Pioneers.

The allegations were made by Druk84 of the Kansas City Pioneers the morning following the tournament, he released this tweet with an attached youtube video outlining instances where he believed Minds was using wallhacks to gain an advantage.

Built by Gamers won the Best of Five series 3-2 and the cheating allegedly occurred during a pivotal Game 5 Streets Slayer that BBG won 50-49. That final kill secured Built by Gamers a substantial $8,000 first-place prize, the Kansas City Pioneers would walk away with $2,000 for their efforts. The tournament was streamed by Magic Mushroom Clubhouse and you can watch the game in question here.

Magic Mushroom Clubhouse has said that Minds will be ineligible until they receive an official statement from 343 Industries clearing him. It remains unclear if 343 is actively investigating the situation.

For those looking to compete in the next Magic Mushroom Clubhouse tournament it takes place on Saturday, January 29th. Join the Discord Server attached below and register if you would like to participate.