The matches for Thursday’s NA Open Series finale are set, with eUnited, Fnatic, XSET, and G2 Esports poised to play each other

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Winner’s Bracket Semifinals

eUnited - Ryanoob, Rayne, Spartan, King Nick
Fnatic - Envore, SuperCC, Juziro, Sceptify

XSET - Cratos, Suspector, Suppressed, Articc
G2 Esports - Gilkey, Tusk, Str8 Sick, Sab

After skipping the initial Open Series following Anaheim, like most Top 8 teams, eUnited decided to sign up and they find themselves matched up against Fnatic who lost in the Grand Finals versus XSET last week. These teams didn't play each other at Anaheim but in their last match-up online Fnatic won Game 1 in a best of three and then dropped two close games before eventually losing the series.

XSET and G2 Esports are two teams who did play each other at Anaheim and XSET will be looking for revenge after getting 3-0'd in the LANs Loser's Bracket. XSET won the Open Series last week and Cratos proclaimed them the #1 team in North America, he'll have to at the very least go back-to-back if he wants fans to start taking that claim somewhat seriously.

Loser’s Bracket Round 11

Esports Arena Red - Rammyy, BoamX, Kuhlect, Neuronical
Esports Arena Blue - Flurriously, jKVIII, GoldStarBR, Eli Elite

Oxygen Esports - Common, Name, Haines, Cherished
Notorious - Shock, Precision, Parzeli, Groovy

Esports Arena is getting their money's worth, at least one of their teams is guaranteed a top-six placement and there's sure to be a lot of bragging rights on the line. Both ESA teams have quality veteran HCS players and I could easily see that series going five games. They both also beat some very good teams to set up this matchup, ESA Blue beat Complexity 2-1 and ESA Red Beat Gamers First 2-0.

Oxygen Esports who missed the Top 8 last week, made a roster change, exchanging Swish for Cherished, and now theyre right back in the mix. However they lost to Fnatic 2-1 and as a result, they're in the Loser's Bracket, matched up against Notorious. Oxygen is expected to win that series but going forward they're going to have some tough matches and that should be a good opportunity to learn a lot more about this team's potential.


9/12. SnakedandHeated - Posey, Emteekay, 100T Rated, Mortally
9/12. Torrent - Abature, Huss, HotShotGhost, Filthy G
9/12. Complexity - Triton, Karmea, Hysteria, Vetra
9/12. Gamers First - Squallaye, Tonisun, PreDevoNator, Marbs
13/16. Corrupt - Hative, Fyah Bird, DarkMatter, Galaxy
13/16. BLVKHVND - JGravity, Gnyus, Nebula, Cortex
13/16. Villians - Demonsiu, Persecute, Pyrettic, Evolving
13/16. No Half Senders - Burton, Piggy, Xeod, CyKul


Where to watch

The bracket resumes on Thursday at 3 pm EST and while there is no official Halo channel stream for these tournaments you can find watch parties in the Halo Infinite twitch directory.