New Arena map and King of the Hill confirmed for Split 2 of the HCS season, per Tashi

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In the latest Halo Infinite update blog, 343 provided a sneak peek into some of the content that will be released in Season 2. King of the Hill is returning as a game mode and a new arena map named “Catalyst” is being added as well, with both of these being included in the official Halo Championship Series game type rotation in Split 2, per Tashi.

343 also said that although Forge is still delayed until Season 3, it’s currently being tested privately by content creators with a public flight planned for later this year. For those who are wondering, these changes won't happen until after the Split 1 Finals which take place in Kansas City on April 29th - May 1st. Season 2 is still planned to be launched on May 3rd with more info coming sometime in April.