Open Series Week 5: Fnatic fails to qualify for Pro Series after falling to Complexity

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Open Series #5 took place on Sunday as teams in all four regions fought for a spot in this week’s Pro Series event.

In North America C9, OpTic, FaZe, XSET, BBG, eU, KCP, and SSG finished top-eight last week meaning they were automatically invited to Thursday’s competition. This left a number of big-name teams to fight it out to join them including both G2 and Fnatic who finished joint-ninth as well as Sentinels who forfeited their spot last week due to scheduling conflicts.

As expected, this wasn’t an issue for the Sentinels as they breezed through the tournament dropping just two maps in the process to clinch the Pro Series spot. This run ended with a final 3-1 result over Unsigned Talent which this week played with the ex-Guard player of Brainstrm rather than tonisun.

Similarly, G2 Esports dropped just a single map in their final game of the upper-bracket as a 3-1 result against “we love anime” -- a roster that notably stars the ex-Guard players of Eli Elite and Boamx as well as the ex-Str8 Rippin player of Rammyy -- was their final result of the day.

Unlike their two counterparts, Fnatic had a much tougher time in the tournament as just three days after being signed by the org, the roster put up their worst performance since SuperCC joined the team just before Raleigh, exiting in joint-17th.

After passing through the first few rounds without an issue, Fnatic then fell to the “Notorious” roster which includes the ex-KCP Gears of War player of Precision. This meant Fnatic had to win five lower-bracket games in a row, however, after two wins they ran into the brick wall of Complexity.

While Complexity had picked up the Raleigh Major FFA winner of Vetra from Solaris to replace HuNteR for this tournament, it was their main fragger of Rob the Turtle who was the main man to watch yet again as he achieved 42 kills to 14 deaths -- a 3.0 k/d -- across their 5-0 Bazaar CtF and 50-34 Streets Slayer wins.

Elsewhere while Unsigned Talent did manage to make it back to the Pro Series via the lower-bracket, Status Quo and G1 both missed out on doing the same after losing 1-3 in the decider matches against “Angry Birds” and “Four ata time” respectively.

These results mean that the following eight teams will join the eight listed earlier in Sunday’s Pro Series tournament:

  • Sentinels -- Frosty, SnakeBite, LethuL, FormaL, and Royal1 (coach)
  • G2 Esports -- Sabinater, Str8 SicK, Gilk3y, Tusk, and Calloussss (coach)
  • Oxygen Esports -- Common, Haines, Name, and Swish
  • ANIME -- Flurriously, GoldStar, Exodieu, and JkVii
  • Complexity Gaming -- Triton, Vetra, Rob, and Hysteria
  • Unsigned Talent -- Abature, Avenue, HotShotGhost, and Brainstrm
  • Angry Birds -- Xeodd, Cykul, FyahBird, and NYSea
  • Four ata time -- FilthyG, Huss_B, Lifeealert, and wanwerd

The NA Pro Series will take place on Thursday starting from 3pm EST. Before then tonight will see the very first FFA Series tournament in each region while MX and OCE’s Pro Series takes place on Tuesday, and EU’s Pro Series on Wednesday. Check back to ForerunnerGG for updates on these tournaments later in the week.