OpTic beats Sentinels in straight 3-0 in Major grudge match

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Two of the favorites coming into this tournament met in Winners round two of the championship bracket in a rematch of the NA Qualifier grand-final. While this prior meeting ended 3-2, 3-1 to Sentinels, this result was then stricken off following an HCS investigation into geo-filtering by Royal2.

A few days later, Sentinels beat OG again in an even more convincing 3-1, 3-0 scoreline and now they meet yet again at the Major, only this time Sentinels were forced to play with their new pickup of FormaL rather than Royal2.

Map 1 - Aquarius, Capture the Flag

Sentinels were on the back foot from the beginning, struggling in their own half for the first part of the game. Shortly a frag battle began between the two stars of Frosty and Luciid which, while Sentinels’ Frosty eventually came out on top with 27 kills compared to 26, FormaL’s 11 kills to 23 deaths really hurt the team.

While as a new stand-in this is hardly on him, as arguably a top-10 player in this game, this was still less than expected from the former CoD World Champion.

OpTic’s overall better fragging capability alongside a number of quick multikills from Pistola led both Ola and aPG to run in flags to a 2-0 scoreline.

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Credit: Via https://twitter.com/Sentinels/status/1471934417396404231

Map 2 - Streets, Team Slayer

With the focus purely on frags, this map was even more OpTic leaning as Luciid, aPG, and Pistola all got above 13 kills while LethuL, SnakeBite, and FormaL all were in single-digits.

Sentinels’ top player of Frosty once again top-fragged for the team and was somewhat carrying until he was completely shut down in the final third. The last two minutes of the game saw him not gain a single kill, even with power weapons such as the rockets in hand. This was a Frosty we’ve never seen before.

In the end, the 50-36 scoreline was somewhat closer than the game made it look as OpTic was playing on another level.

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Credit: Via https://twitter.com/ASTROTR/status/1472302284365307906

Map 3 - Live Fire, Oddball

For round one the game was effectively even as Sentinels started off with the ball and SnakeBite got the sniper. At the three-minute mark, OpTic picked up the ball and run it for a massive 40 points with Sentinels hardly getting a touch. Most of this was on the back of aPG who ended his ball carrying run on two kills to eight deaths as a consequence.

The ball remained untouched for quite a while at this point as both teams tried to gain the ground required to hold it before Sentinels slowly chipped away on the lead. At 71-72, LethuL picked it up on its respawn to take the lead all the way up to 97-72. With six seconds remaining apG picked up the ball which in turn paused the timer. While Sentinels did kill him, this wasted just three seconds and gained them one point before TrippY got the ball and held it for a 100-98 round win.

While Sentinels once again started strong on round two, after just nine points they lost the ball which allowed them to rack the points up all the way to 71. While Sentinels briefly stopped the bleeding, this was way too much of a gap. SnakeBite lost the ball off the map at 93-47 before Pistola picked up the ball to end the series, 3-0.

This result means OG moved forward to the quarter-finals to play the winner of FaZe vs XSET or The Guard. Sentinels, meanwhile, drop to the lower bracket where they now need to win nine games to take the Raleigh Major title.

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