OpTic Gaming vs Cloud9: Stats for Infinite’s 10-map week one extravaganza

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Aside from news coverage, match results, and schedules, ForerunnerGG hopes to become the home of Halo Esports statistics.

This means come the Raleigh Kick-Off Major, we will be releasing the stats of every notable matchup, as well as the combined stats for tournaments. With that, you’ll be able to see how well your favourite teams and players are doing at a glance.

These “competition pages”, full summaries of all the news and stats for individual competitions, aren’t ready yet. But here’s a look at the stats we’ve manually collected for the NA Open Cup #1 grand-final, a 10-map bracket-reset thriller between Cloud9 and the eventual victors of OpTic Gaming:

The statistics for the NA Open Series #1 grand final
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The statistics for the NA Open Series #1 grand final

Finally, here are the stats of the NA Major open qualifier grand-final between OpTic Gaming and Sentinels, in which the latter team took down the back-to-back champs in another bracket-reset nine-map game:

The statistics for the Raleigh Kickoff Qualifier grand final reset, which Sentinels won 3-1
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The statistics for the Raleigh Kickoff Qualifier grand final reset, which Sentinels won 3-1

Table of Contents

What other stats can we collect?

While statistics such as damage dealt can only be seen in-game, manually collecting the statistics has its own advantages, as it means we will be able to share stats that the scoreboard does not list.

This includes player’s specific weapon usages -- for instance how many Pistol or Needler kills did a player get -- player’s ability to clean up kills and trade teammates deaths, more detailed objective-play information, a deeper look into what roles each player specialises in on their team, and how well they are performing these roles.

We will be consistently trying to improve the stats we will collect and share them in a way that anyone can grasp. Check back for more details when the pages launch in a few weeks time.

What games will we cover?

While this has yet to be definitively decided, we will definitely be providing statistics for all the top-tier tournaments such as the Majors, Regionals, and Supers. If you like this content and want to see more games covered, then be sure to share these stats far and wide. At the same time, any tournament organizer interested can get in touch with ForerunnerGG directly.


Without a publicly accessible API, the collected stats will always be beholden to what is streamed. If no one streams a game, or production cuts away from the action too early at the end of the game, then there is no way to know what occurred to track the relevant stats.

Regardless of this, ForerunnerGG will always aim to provide the highest quality coverage possible with the game statistics we release.

What will it look like when competition pages launch?

With ForerunnerGG being built by the team that created SiegeGG, the upcoming competition pages will contain similar information as the SiegeGG pages. The precise look of the pages is currently being worked on, but accessibility and the ability to understand all the numbers is a priority.

If you’ve got any questions, let us know at @ForerunnerGG, and be sure to keep an eye out on the site for the launch of our stats pages.