OpTic Gaming benches Pistola and adds CoD Legend FormaL to the active roster

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On Friday, OpTic Gaming announced that they’re benching Pistola and in his place Call of Duty esports legend FormaL would join the Halo team’s active roster going forward. After a second-place finish at Anaheim and aTop 6 finish at Raleigh, it’s possible the team felt it needed another slayer-oriented player to get over the hump and really compete with Cloud9.

If you’re unfamiliar with FormaL's CoD resume it’s safe to say he’s one of the best to ever touch that game, he has the 4th most LAN wins with 26 in total and he’s earned nearly $900,000 in just CoD tournament prize money alone. However before he made the switch, he was also one of Halo’s premier talents, he nearly won half of the Halo LANs he’s entered, winning in 7/18 attempts, and he currently holds an average placing of 3.94. With his substantial social media following and his proven excellence in console FPS esports, it’s easy to see why fans and players alike are excited to see his return, his involvement will surely raise the profile of the entire Halo esports scene.

In the last decade, Pistola has 10 LAN wins and an average placing of 2.8, he’s one of the esports most beloved and talented players and there’s zero doubt he will land on another pro HCS team. Stats wise he’s technically been the lowest performing member of the OpTic Gaming roster, but with teammates like Lucid and Trippy there are only so many kills to go around. With over 2 months to go until the next LAN at Kansas City, Pistola has plenty of time to find another team, and given his history, I wouldn’t be shocked to see his new squad on mainstage challenging OpTic Gaming at one point before this HCS season is over.

The only questions that remain are what team will he join? And is this move just the first domino to fall in a potential Halo Infinite roster mania?