OpTic replace Sentinels in Week 2 of the Pro Series

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Credit: Jake Fabricius

After finishing last week’s Pro Series tournament in fourth place, Sentinels will not be competing in week two of the tournament. This is as Bradley "Frosty" Bergstrom is unable to play and the team is only allowed a single substitute which Matthew "FormaL" Piper currently fills.

This absence means Sentinels will have to requalify for week three of the Pro Series via next Sunday’s open qualifier. This also means they miss out on a week of HCS Points which will hurt their seedings when it comes to the Anaheim Regional.

In Sentinels’ space, OpTic Gaming has been given a spot in week two of the Pro Series. This comes after the team finished in a disappointing joint-ninth during week one’s tournament and therefore needed to requalify during today’s open qualifier.

As OpTic has more HCS Points than their fellow joint-ninth place finishers -- Team WaR, Gamers First, and G2 Esports -- they therefore inherit Sentinels’ spot as one of the invited teams.

OpTic will now compete alongside C9, FaZe, BBG, OXG, KCP, SSG, and eight teams from today’s open qualifiers on Thursday for $2,000 in prize money and a total of 42,600 HCS Pro Points.