NA Pro Series Week 1: Everything you need to know

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Credit: David Doran (@DavidSsandman)

After a few weeks off, Halo is back in North America with Split 1 of the 2022 Season. Starting it off is the first week of the Pro Series where NA’s top 16 teams including the likes of Cloud9, Sentinels, and OpTic will be competing for the $2,000 prize pool, the crucial HCS Points, and a free invite into next week’s Pro Series tournament.

Before it kicks off tomorrow, here’s a rundown on the teams, format, times, and what we can expect from the games:

What is the Pro Series?

The Pro Series tournaments in North America take place every Thursday in January and invites the top-eight teams from the prior Pro Series as well as the top-eight teams from the Sunday’s Open Series tournament. For week one the top-eight teams from the Raleigh Major were invited instead.

These 16 teams each week fight for the $2,000 prize pool ($1.5k to the winner and $500 to the runner-up) as well as HCS Points. After the four weeks of play, these HCS Points then seed the NA Anaheim Regional tournament taking place in February making the results important as the Regional is the lone path to the Kansas City Major’s pool play.

The Pro Series itself consists of a double-elimination best-of-three tournament with a best-of-five bracket reset grand-final.

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The three other regions also run Pro Series tournaments with altered rules. Mexico and Oceania take place each Tuesday with just eight teams and a $1,000 prize pool while Europe is on Wednesday with a $1,500 prize pool. All three of these also offer HCS Points which contribute to the March Online Super’s seedings.

The Teams

Competing in the first week of the NA Pro Series are the following eight invited teams seeding by their Raleigh Kick-Off Major performance:

1. Cloud9 -- StelluR, Penguin, Eco, Renegade, and Hoaxer (coach)

2. eUnited -- Spartan, RyaNoob, KingNick, Rayne, and Chig (coach)

3. FaZe Clan -- Snip3down, Bound, Falcated, bubu dubu, and Towey (coach)

4. Sentinels -- Frosty, SnakeBite, LethuL, FormaL, and Royal1 (coach)

5. Pioneers -- Manny, Druk, SoulSnipe, and Taulek

6. OpTic Gaming -- aPG, Lucid, TriPPeY, Pistola, and Lunchbox (coach)

7. Spacestation Gaming -- Tylenul, Ace, Deciting, Flazin, and Elamite (coach)

8. G2 Esports -- Sabinater, Str8 SicK, Gilkey, Tusk, and Calloussss (coach)

As well as these eight teams who qualified via Sunday’s Open Series:

  • Team WaR -- Envore, Juziro, Sceptify, and SuperCC
  • Oxygen Esports -- Common, Haines, Name, and Swish
  • Falling Esports -- GoldStar, Emteekay, Neuronical, and Sorrell
  • Built By Gamers -- KingJay, Minds, Nebula, and Nemassist
  • Complexity Gaming -- Vetra, Hysteria, Rob, Triton, and SeeSaw (coach)
  • Unsigned Talent -- Abature, Avenue, HotShotGhost, and Suppresseci
  • EXO Esports -- Employee, Fantasy, MOMEN7, and Neighbour
  • Gamers First -- Commonly, PreDevoNatoR, Sargoth, Squallaye, and Eli (coach)

After their Major victory, Cloud9 will be eager to finally get an online win to their name after finishing as runners-up during both open cups last year. OpTic meanwhile will be hoping to bounce back from their own Raleigh performance after they entered as favorites only to exit in 5-6th place.

eUnited and FaZe meanwhile will both be confident after their second and third-place finishes and may see a title within grasp here.

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Somewhat of a wildcard will be both Spacestation and G2 who, after messy Raleigh campaigns now have opted to each change one player. Spacestation picked up the newcomer of “Flazin” as their permanent fourth to replace Matthew "FormaL" Piper while G2 picked up the ex-SSG stand-in of Daniel "Tusk" Ruiz to replace Uriah "Artic" Legorreta.

Finally, Sentinels will be competing once again with FormaL as Mathew "Royal2" Fiorante will be banned throughout Split 1’s Pro Series tournaments. Considering Sentinels managed to knockout OpTic from Raleigh even with this stand-in they definitely can’t be ruled out as contenders.

Follow along with the NA Week 1 Bracket here


The games will kick off at 6pm EST and continue till completion which will likely be early in the morning for at least the east coast.

As well as on numerous players individual Twitch accounts, the games will also be cast on the main Halo Twitch and YouTube accounts. While yet to be confirmed, it is likely that Lottie "Praagy" Van-Praag, Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky, Mark "Onset" Hatcher, and Weston "Clutch" Price will return to cast the Pro Series tournaments after they previously covered the first two Open Series cups as well as the Raleigh Major.