Pyrettic and Evolving take home the first LouisVTitan's $2sDay Open hosted by FirstBlood

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The first $2sDay Open hosted by Firstblood and LVT Productions took place yesterday and 106 teams signed up for their chance to win a $700 first-place prize. The $2sDay tournament series, which has previously been known for high profile 2v2 show matches involving HCS pros, instead held an open single-elimination doubles tournament.

The Format

The 2v2 teams played in best of five Team Slayer matches up to 25 kills on Aquarius, Recharge, and Live Fire. Each map also has its own banned weapons, due to the fact that these weapons would be overpowered in 2v2 play. On Aquarius, you can't use the Heatwave, Bulldog, or Dynamo Grenades. On Recharge, the Energy Sword and Mangler are banned, and on Live Fire, the Heatwave, Bulldog, and Mangler are also banned from use.

Finals Results

Pyrettic and Evolving vs Eli Elite and GoldStarBR

Game 1. Pyrettic and Evolving 25-24 Eli Elite and GoldStarBR (Aquarius slayer)

Game 2. Eli Elite and GoldStarBR 25-17 Pyrettic and Evolving (Recharge slayer)

Game 3. Pyrettic and Evolving 25-18 Eli Elite and GoldStarBR (Live Fire slayer)

Game 4. Pyrettic and Evolving 25-15 Eli Elite and GoldStarBR (Recharge slayer)

Pyrettic and Evolving win 3-1 | VOD | Bracket

Stats from the Finals series
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Stats from the Finals series

Top 8 Results

1st. Pyrettic and Evolving ($700)

2nd. Eli Elite and GoldStarBR ($200)

3rd/4th. Creepy Trash and Conspiracy ($50)

3rd/4th. PinkyNdTheBlain and iBeastwood ($50)

5th/8th. Flurriously and Mortally

5th/8th. Fvntazy and Employee

5th/8th. Toonice and Paradigm

5th/8th. Atzo and Drift

You can find the full results on Firstblood's website here

These $1000 2v2 tournaments take place every Monday and you can find the remaining schedule below, be sure to sign up ASAP because these events are very popular and will fill up quickly.