Raleigh Kick-Off Major - Who’s qualified & what’s the format

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Next week $255,000 and 435,350 HCS Pro Points will be up for grabs in the inaugural Halo Infinite Major in Raleigh, North Carolina. 32 teams will fight to become Infinite’s very first champions.

Here’s a rundown on how the event’s format works as it’s a slightly altered format compared to regular HCS Majors.

How it Works & How to Qualify

The Raleigh Major, as with all Halo Major tournaments, is an open tournament. The last few weeks have seen team passes be sold for the LAN open qualifier and online tournaments take place as teams hope to qualify for the pool play tournaments. Both of these tournaments will take place in Raleigh with the winners joining the 32-team “Champions Bracket”.

No team no matter how big is automatically qualified to the main event and any team worldwide can qualify for the tournament via these qualifiers.

Pool Play:

Firstly, the weekend will see 16 teams that qualified via online tournaments play in a group stage. All these teams were flown out to the event These teams are as follows:

North America

  1. Sentinels -- SnakeBite, LethuL, Royal2, Frosty, and Royal1 (coach)
  2. OpTic Gaming -- aPG, Lucid, TriPPPeY, iGotUrPistola, and Lunchbox (coach)
  3. Inconceivable -- Snip3down, Bound, Falcated, and dubu
  4. eUnited -- Spartan, RyaNoob, KingNick, Rayne, and Chig (coach)
  5. G2 Esports -- Sabinater, Gilk3y, Str8 SicK, Artic, and Calloussss (coach)
  6. Cloud9 -- StelluR, Penguin, Eco, and Renegade
  7. Kansas City Pioneers -- Manny, Druk, SoulSnipe, and Taulek
  8. Oxygen Esports -- Common, Swish, Name, and Haines


  1. Cartel -- Snipedrone, Lqgend, Shaady, and Sica
  2. OEX -- SLG, Fragxr, NURIX, and TchiK
  3. Natus Vincere -- Kimbo, Jimbo, Respectful, and tuf0xy
  4. HMDA -- Riotz, Ramirez, Phlux, Clonely, and Teyobb (coach)

Latin America

  1. Pittsburgh Knights -- Tapping Buttons, Drift, Atzo, Gambino, and ReLoad (coach)
  2. Fire N Ice Esports -- Nugget, Bullet, Luderk, and Dragoniak
  3. LeaveNoWitness -- Leuor, Strikeyy, Rorzch, Laaylox, and Venao (coach)


  1. Chiefs Esports Club -- Barcode, Praties, Pipz, Madsyy, and FlexRainZ (coach)

These 16 teams will be split up into four round-robin groups of four teams. The top two in each group progress straight to round two of the Champions Upper Bracket while the remaining eight teams face the top open bracket teams in round one of the Champions Upper Bracket. This means all 16 pool play teams will progress onwards, the groups are purely for seeding.

The 16 pool play rosters
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Credit: @HCS
The 16 pool play rosters

Open Bracket:

Next, we have the open bracket. This will see the 255 squads who bought team passes play in a massive double-elimination bracket with best-of-five map matches. Due to the number of matches played the vast majority of them will not be streamed.

The top eight teams progress onwards to round one of the Champions Lower Bracket while teams 9-16th join the lower-bracket. Everyone else is knocked out early.

This means at the time of writing with all team passes sold and the pool play teams decided there’s only one remaining way for your team to play at the event: win the Game Pass Open Series this coming weekend as the tournament offers a Team Pass to its victors.

Champions Bracket:

Following those two tournaments the top-16 open bracket and all 16 pool play teams will compete in the 32-team double-elimination Champions Bracket. It is here where the Major champion will be decided and where all the prize money and almost all the HCS Pro Points are on offer.

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Credit: @HCS

Free For All

On Saturday there is also a secondary tournament happening in the official FFA Major championship which will offer $5,000 in prize money and HCS Pro Points to the top 128 players.

This tournament invites pros and fans alike who attended the event to compete in a number of free-for-all slayer games to show off their individual skill. Each game will be on Aquarius in which the top-four players in each game will progress onwards to the next round until we’re left with the final four.

Up to 1,024 players can take part in the games kicking off at 6pm EST on the Saturday. Signups start at 2:30pm on the day for VIP ticket holders and 3pm for those with general attendance tickets.

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Credit: @HCS


The 32 teams in attendance will be competing for the following winnings:

  • 1st - $100,000 and 25k Pro Points
  • 2nd - $60,000 and 15k Pro Points
  • 3rd - $28,000 and 11k Pro Points
  • 4th - $14,000 and 9k Pro Points
  • 5-6th - $7,000 and 8k Pro Points
  • 7-8th - $4,000 and 7k Pro Points
  • 9-12th - $2,000 and 5.5k Pro Points
  • 13-16th - $1,300 and 4.5k Pro Points
  • 17-24th - $1,000 and 3k Pro Points
  • 25-32nd - $600 and 2k Pro Points
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Credit: @HCS

The Free For All event offers its own prizepool and Pro Points:

  • 1st - $2,000 and 15k Pro Points
  • 2nd - $1,200 and 13.5k Pro Points
  • 3rd - $800 and 12.75k Pro Points
  • 4th - $425 and 12k Pro Points
  • 5th - $200 and 11.25k Pro Points
  • 6th - $150 and 10.5k Pro Points
  • 7th - $125 and 9.75k Pro Points
  • 8th - $100 and 9k Pro Points
  • 9-10th - 6k Pro Points
  • 11-12th - 5.25k Pro Points
  • 13th - 14th - 4.5k Pro Points
  • 15th - 16th - 3.75k Pro Points
  • 17th - 20th - 2.8k Pro Points
  • 21st - 24th - 2.45k Pro Points
  • 25th - 28th - 2k Pro Points
  • 29th - 32nd - 1.65k Pro Points
  • 33rd - 40th - 1.3k Pro Points
  • 41st - 48th - 1,125 Pro Points

NewcomerGG will be fully covering this event when it comes with news and statistical content. Until then keep up with our pre-event coverage here at forerunner.gg.