Pool Play concludes with OG flawless, G2 over FaZe, Quadrant in 2nd

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The four groups of four that make up the pool play concluded earlier today as the teams won their seeding for the subsequent championship bracket. The results saw some shock results and some international upsets as Halo returned to LAN.

Here were some of the biggest stories of the day across the 24 best-of-five map matches:

OpTic Gaming went 9-0

While each group had a roster that went 3-0, OpTic Gaming was the only one to exit their group completely flawlessly, beating the undefeated Australian roster of the Chiefs, the European Bing Chilling roster, and the Kansas City Chiefs all in 3-0 score lines.

The closest this team got to a loss across all those games was a 50-48 result on Live Fire slayer against KCP only to win the next map 250-8. Also impressive has been their objective play with the team 12-0 in Oddball and CTF points having not lost a single round or point in either.

So what does this performance gain them? Well, they’re set to meet the Sentinels in round two of the championship bracket. The real test begins today.

FaZe Struggling?

Over in Group B, it was quite a shock that the newly acquired FaZe Clan roster started Saturday with a 0-3 loss against G2 Esports, a roster which on paper they should have beaten, or at least got a map off of.

This result puts FaZe down in second place below G2 which still nets them a second-round start in the championship bracket but means they are now a game away from OpTic or Sentinels rather than KCP or Oxygen.

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Credit: Via https://twitter.com/FaZeClan/status/1472049250527764483

Earlier in the day FaZe also had a close game against the British NAVI roster who took Bazaar CtF off of them 2-0 and went 228-250 on Recharge, 42-50 on Live Fire, and 1-2 on Streets Oddball. While this still was a 3-1 for FaZe, these close results were not expected from NAVI considering they somewhat struggled domestically.

NAVI also had a strong performance against G2 with a reverse sweep from the Americans with included a 250-236 map three being the difference between a top-two finish for NAVI.

Quadrant Leading the International Hopes

While they ended the group with a straight 0-3 loss to eUnited earlier today, Quadrant’s 3-0 win of their own against Oxygen Esports nabbed them a second-place finish over the American seventh-seed.

This result not only puts them straight into round two of the championship bracket but also means they are most likely to play The Chiefs in this game guaranteeing an international team makes it to the winner’s quarters.

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Credit: Via https://twitter.com/Quadrant/status/1472211094924107784

This performance from Quadrant was also somewhat surprising as while they were the second European seed the undefeated Acend roster ended their group in last place at the bottom of a three-way tie on match results with SSG and XSET. It was in effect their 0-3 loss against SSG that made the difference here as a 2-3 defeat likely would’ve seen them finish in second place rather than fourth.

C9 Puts on Most Dominant Game of the Tournament

Finally, looking into Group D, Cloud9 were the stars dropping just one map each to SSG and Acend. This leaves their game versus XSET which ended in a remarkable 3-0 with maps of 250-0, 50-39, and 3-0. While the whole series was the most one-sided of the day, the 250-0 was also something we haven’t seen online or on LAN at this tier of play.

While the map losses were something OpTic didn’t experience, this surely sets C9 back up to being one of the top favorites after a rough NA Qualifier and Esports Arena tournaments.

This result also puts them in by far the easiest side of the championship bracket with a meeting against G2 the earliest top-dog they could meet all the way in the semi-finals.

As the championship bracket continues keep an eye out here at ForerunnerGG for full coverage.